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How To: Dress For a Date

Dressing for dates is tricky business, mainly because dates can go a few ways; awkward, super awkward or really great. There doesn’t seem to be an in between… buuuut if you’re dressed nicely at least you can still feel fab if it turns out to be a mega fail.

Plus, first impressions last and we love any excuse to shop.

So if you have a hot date on the horizon and have no idea what to wear we want to help you out. There really are only a few simple rules that you need to follow: dress for the occasion, make sure you’re comfortable and stick to your style. The rest, you can leave up to fate.


HOW TO: Evening Date

A fail-safe option for an evening date is to keep things simple. We recommend dressing up a sexy pair of black pants i.e styling up a nice pair of black jeans, pants with a wet or wax finish, or a nice pair of leather pants. Leather look pants may also work but unfortunately they have to be good ones. Which means no cheap imitations allowed. Then all you have to do is throw on a black or white cami/shirt, add a leather jacket or blazer and finish with a classic pair of heels.

Outfit 1

Alicia wears: 1) On The Run Pant by Asilio 2) Jim Dandy Silk Cami by Alice McCall 3) Zahlia Leather jacket  - Available in store only 4) Lunchy Bag by Mode Collective  5) Shoes are Tony Bianco, but similar Mode Collective ones will be landing soon.

Also; if you have a tendency to spill things, it might be best to opt for darker colours (although if you know that’s how you roll, you’re probably already all over that.)


HOW TO: Meet The Parents Date

Meeting the parents can be one of the most daunting dates. You want them to like you, but you shouldn’t have to work too hard. Which is why we think this is the one date where it’s fun to play up your unique style and let your personality shine through. Considering the weather right now, we think a nice summery dress would work well. Then depending on the occasion you can mix and match your outfit to your shoes. I.e. for a daytime occasion, breakfast or casual lunch, nice sandals would work. Or for a more formal lunch, or evening occasion you could try wearing strappy block heels or wedges.


Alicia wears: 1) Evita Dress by Steele, 2) 66th The Label Hat and 3) Pared Eyewear Sunglasses:  - All Available In StoreIMG_0313

Ps. When meeting the parents, we highly recommend steering from anything too low cut or short. Let’s play it safe sistas.

How to: Daytime Date

We think this is the easiest date to dress for because it’s all about comfort. We’ve decided to opt for a cute pair of shorts over a skirt for its versatility (plus isn’t trying to sit in a skirt always a little awkward and unflattering?) Pair it back with a comfy cami or T-shirt and a pair of comfy shoes and you’ll be set.

Outfit 3

Alicia wears: 1) Alice McCall Silver Short, 2) Jim Dandy Cami in Black, 3)66th The label Hat and 4) Birkenstocks in Arizona Exquisite:- Both Available In Store.


How to: Netflix and Chill Date

So your date has asked you to come over to watch Netflix and chill ok. So let’s keep things simple. The aim here is  to look effortless and as chilled as possible while ensuring you give off the ultimate #Iwokeuplikethis vibes. Which all sounds a little confusing but really isn’t as hard as it seems. We suggest wearing your fave. pair of jeans, a loose fitting oversized top with a cute pair of trainers. It's about trying 'just enough' without going over the top. Which we think totally makes sense.


Alicia wears: 1) Azule Fringe Tank by Steele, 2) Cult Skinny Ankle Jeans in Dreamer by Nobody Denim, 3) Superga Cotu Classics in White

(Seeeee…. You totally woke up like that, right?)

Don't forget:

Even though dates can be scary, they’re also a heap of fun. Yes, even the bad ones (well, maybe not at the time) but you will definitely look back and laugh at their crapness. Or at least you’ll be able to provide your lady friends’ funny stories to keep them entertained with. Just remember not to take things too seriously, or talk about your life together as man and wife, (a convo prob. much better left in your head.)

So go forth you stylish ladies and have some fun!

Images: Rebel Muse; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

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