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Styling A Bump

Hi laydehs, my name is Yads and I'm the Online Editor here at Rebel Muse. I’m also 32 weeks pregnant and haven’t bought one piece of maternity clothing…because, you know what?

Maternity clothing stinks.

Plus I believe that you can buy ‘non maternity, maternity clothes’ (i.e normal clothes that work while you’re pregnant) that you'll wear again later down the track. All you need to do is know your body shape, what suits you and possess the ability to get your stalk on – BIG TIME.

Because there's no need to sacrifice style while you turn into a mini beach ball and I’m super lucky that today our head honcho, Alicia is giving me free reign to show everyone how awesome the clothes at Rebel Muse can be for people who are growing mini humans.

It’s really the only place I’ve waddled to and shopped from throughout my pregnancy.

(Actually, I have also waddled to and shopped from the Frugii ice cream store next door, but that’s a different story.)

Anyhoo, let’s chat styling a bump and how it can be done from a) the comfort of your computer screen and b) without crying (FYI: for those of you who have never been pregnant before, sometimes pregnancy shopping can be quite the emotional time, hence why I highly recommend you stop at the ice-cream shop Frugii post a Rebel Muse shop too).

Ps. These outfits could work for 'food baby bumps' as well #winning...

Also; if you feel like you may need a little style advice during your pregnancy don't be scared to chat to the Rebel Muse style team, that’s what they’re there for after all!


Bastille Dress, Steele SALE $135.00

I fell in love with this dress prior to being pregnant and it didn't fit me because I had no boobs. Alas! Fast forward a few months later I was pregnant, my boobs had a new postcode of their own and it was ON SALE. Meant to be. It's also baggy enough to hide your pregnancy during those first few weeks when you really want to tell EVERYONE, but can't.


Multi Panel Pant, Casa Kuma - $90.00

Say au revoir to ALL of your pants when you're pregnant ladies, because elasticised waist bands are where it's at. Plus as your belly starts getting bigger, you're going to want to choose comfort over your skinny's. Tis' the sad, honest truth although a pair of these drop crotch Casa Kuma pants will still make you feel like you're on trend. Plus they're so comfy. Buy them in black and white because you'll wear them to death.


Pleasant Plains Dress, Mossman - SALE $50.00

I bought this Mossman dress in a couple of styles (the Me and Miss Morris version works a treat too!) It was so so cheap, I pretty much felt like I was stealing it from the shop. Plus, it was perfect for showing off my 'cute' second trimester baby bump, (before it decided to get mega) and with so much stretch this is the type of dress that won't waste your money or your wardrobe space.


Cullen Long Kimono, Scarlet Rosita - $199.00

Now this kimono has sadly sold out, but I wanted to include it anyway because kimonos are O' so perfect when you're growing a baby. Not only will they hide a heap of your weird lumps and bumps that will pop out of nowhere as your belly expands, but you will use them again post pregnancy too. Which is what good shopping is all about! Also, I'm sure there'll be more kimonos headed to Rebel Muse in the future so there's no ned to fret! Let's just take notes for our future shopping expeditions.


Tall Tee, Casa Kuma - $49.95

Unfortunately, there'll come a time during your pregnancy when none of your shirt's will fit and you'll have to raid your partners wardrobe (around the middle of the third trimester). BUT before then it pays to buy a heap of basic, long shirts that you can wear around the house or style with your basic Casa Kuma pants and these basics are the beez kneez. I'd recommend buying them in every neutral colour (so you have a few options to play with) and in two sizes bigger than what you normally are, because you'll grow into them so quick you'll surprise yourself! Ps. They're good for pre-natal yoga too.


Isabell Dress, Steele - $219.00

This has been my third trimester 'god send' dress as now, my belly grows by the day. Plus, it's so roomy and comfy that I know that i could even go into labour and wear it to the hospital if I have to - so, how fab of an investment is that! Come the third trimester, you will probably also start feeling a lot of black. It is the most forgiving colour after all, and with a hint of 70's flair it's an item that will be on trend at least until my baby is born.


Images: Rebel Muse; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

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