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Wedding Guest Style Do's & Don'ts

Tis’ the season for so many events - especially weddings. So since so many couples are committing to each other forever and a day, we of course, should naturally follow suit and commit ourselves to new outfits for every time we’re lucky enough to be guests.

It’s pretty much the wedding rules, ladies! We don’t make these things up…*

*K, maybe we do.

Anyway, we also have crazy, beautiful wedding appropriate stock that has just landed at Rebel Muse that we can’t wait to show you. But before we do, we thought it might be fun to chat about some super important wedding guest style do’s and don’ts, because we get asked these questions all the time and we also want to make your shopping life easier!


DO stick to the dress code

If your wedding invite doesn’t state a dress code it doesn’t mean that you can rock up in your active wear, a pair of thongs and forget to brush your hair (as comfy as that would be). It just means you’ll need to look up the venue and decipher what to wear that way. The venue will always help you find the right outfit.

DO wear shoes you can walk in

Everybody knows that weddings were made for drinking dancing so it’s important that you wear shoes that a) will look chic and pull your outfit together and b) won’t make you want to rip your feet off by the end of the night. But if you are intent on wearing sky-high stilettos at least pack some flats in your handbag too, just in case. Especially if it’s your first night wearing your new, ridiculously high shoes.

DO think outside the box

As soon as we hear the word wedding we tend to naturally think of finding a dress. But these days, crops, skirts, heck even culottes and separates tend to work as well. Modern brides are switching up their looks so we think guests can too. The colour black is also super classy and very wedding appropriate, no matter what anyone says.


DON’T wear anything flashy, too short or revealing

Nobody wants to see your hooo haaa…plus with the never ending drinks flowing and skirts lifting you just never know who might see what #justsayin’. Let’s keep it classy.

DON’T wear white

This rule does entirely depend on the wedding and the bride. Buuuut, in most cases it’s probably a colour guests should avoid. A wedding day is all about the bride after all, so it’s only fair that we let her stand out from the crowd. (That's if she is wearing white. We suggest asking her if you want to be safe.)

DON’T forget the details

Your outfit is obviously important, but so are your toenails, fingernails and all those split ends you've been meaning to get trimmed. If anything, we say it's time to treat yourself to a little pampering 'me' time; and if you're keen on spraying yourself with a 'fake Hawaii glow' don't forget to test it out first, or at least give it a couple of days to sink in. Orangey skin is def. a no no.



Both To Blame Dress, Asilio - $349.95


Emoji Dress, Casper and Pearl - $199.00


Tech Bonded V Strapless Dress, Nicholas - $550.00


Mesh Folded Ball Skirt, Nicholas - $499.00 + Mesh Angled Bustier, Nicholas - $250.00


Soldiers and Riders Dress, Asilio - $239.95.00


Grace Rain Dress, Alice McCall - $360.00


Sky Pilot Jacket, Alice McCall - $420.00 + Thunderstorm Pant, Alice McCall - $320.00

Images: Rebel Muse; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

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