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2016 Brow Trends

Doesn't having a rockin' set of brows just make your face! We think so. For a couple of years now brows have been where it's at. And the popularity of having a nicely shaped and groomed set doesn't look like it's goin' anywhere. 

(Which is fab, because we all know what our brows looked like circa the 90's...and it wasn't pretty). 

Anyway, since brows in the beauty world continues to be a big thing we were naturally curious to see whether it was a trend that was going to stay. And who better to goss with about all things brows than with the babes behind some of the best in town, The Brow Lab

So what are our brows shaping* (ha, get it!?) up to look like for 2016? Let's find out below.

PS. let's also steal some tips while we're there. 

What do brow trends for 2016 look like? 

A softer more natural brow has permeated popular culture. With names like Jazz Pampling and Kristie Streicher ushering in a new age of flattering, feathered brows we should be seeing lush, full brows taking centre stage for years to come!

What type of face shape do these brow trends suit? 

Every face shape will suit a natural brow. Unlike the thin, over arched brows of yesteryear a softer, often flatter brow will flatter your face for the rest of your life.

What products do you recommend ladies buy to always keep their brows in shape?  

It really depends on your brows and what you’re wanting to achieve. The ultimate goal is not having to fill much if at all on a daily basis or just filling to add depth and drama. Having said that we do love Poni brow products, they’re great value, perfect shades and 100% Australian owned.

What’s your biggest brow don’t? 

Tweezing too often and in the wrong spots, you really need your brow hair cycles to synchronise which will ultimately result in a better brow that is far less maintenance. 

What should a gal consider when getting their brows done? (I.e. should she bring in brow references to her appointment? How will she know what brow shape is best for her face?)

Before going into your appointment you should really have a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve with your brows. You can bring in reference photos of brows you love but you can't expect to walk out with those brows straight away if ever, every brow is different, so walk in with an open mind. Your brow stylist should give you a full consultation and ask you several questions. If you walk in and your therapist starts working away without asking any questions you need to abort straight away. Visiting someone who specialises in brows is always your best bet! 

What’s your stance on plucking between appointments - is it allowed?

We are all about educating our clients and giving them confidence in their own beauty at home, however we do encourage them not to touch their brows as much as possible. It really depends on how often they make their appointments, what they’re wanting to achieve and how high maintenance they want their brows to be.

Who are you looking to for browspiration this year?

This year we’re loving celebs like Lilly Collins, Samantha Harris, Jennifer Connelly or anyone who rocks a natural soft and banging bold brow.

Images: Pinterest ; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, who's brows are you crushing on this year? 


Bec :

Oh the beloved brows…. It’s great to see that the natural yet bold brow isn’t going anywhere this year. Unfortunately I fall into the over plucking in my early year teens which means feather tattooing for me.

Bec|| beautywithbec.com

Feb 05, 2016

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