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Our Fave. Date Night Spots

In the spirit of Valentines Day next week we thought it only fitting to round up some of our fave. date night spots in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

Although you really don’t need to go on a date to eat at these restaurants. In fact, the food is so good you could even just make the food your Valentine.

Just an idea. Lol. 



Mocan and Green Grout – 1/19 Marcus Clarke St. New Acton, Canberra

We love Mocan and Green Grout and think it’d be perfection for a first date. It’s small, not too loud (which means you can actually interview each other properly/or pretend like you haven’t stalked him in peace), there's a cinema nearby (if you want to add a movie on) and the food is to die for. The whole menu is also a sharing menu which can make things much more romantical for the both of you. A shared menu will also help you gauge whether you and your new flame have similar tastes in food (which is super important for a successful relationship). And because you won’t stuff yourselves silly, if the date goes well you could even stroll somewhere into the city to buy ice-cream.

Ps. If the date goes badly we think it’s also quite appropriate to stroll into the city to buy yourself some consolation ice-cream as well.

Gazi – 2 Exhibition St. Mebourne

Gazi in Melbourne is a piggys dream come true. It’s a Greek restaurant run by celebrity chef George Calombaris and we think it’s perfection for long term relationships (see above: a piggys dream come true). Deciding what to eat from their delicious Greek menu will be super hard, mostly because their menu is huge and you’ll want to order it all – so you probably will. Can we recommend you start with some Gazi dips/bread then move onto eating some saganaki from their ‘dirty food’ menu, then order a couple of souvlakis each, a smoked eggplant salad too, OH and don’t forget to save some room for a couple of desserts! There’s a dark chocolate fairy floss and salted caramel popcorn creation, which is to die for – then you and your bae can roll home. Hence; again why this spot is prob. best to be shared with someone you feel comfortable (and can wear stretchy pants) with.

Acme, 60 Bayswater Rd. Rushcutters Bay, Sydney

Acme is an inventive Italian style restaurant that (wait for it) serves dishes with an Asian twist. So if you’re ever indecisive over which cuisine you feel like, then you’re in luck because this restaurant combines the two! It also has a really fun and trendy vibe. Filled with rustic chic décor it kind of looks like a bar and can sometimes be a little loud. But they play hip hop or straight up gangster rap so it can be really fun too! As the restaurant combines both cuisines, you’ll also find a menu like no other featuring options that are best shared like: macaroni, pig’s head and egg yolk as well as a baloney sandwich. It’s therefore a restaurant for people with adventurous taste buds and/or couples who love their food…the prices are super reasonable too so you won't blow your budget!

Chin, Chin – 125 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Chin Chin is a restaurant that focuses on South-East Asian cuisine, but it’s not like any South-East Asian cuisine. The whole menu is a flavour explosion, which will have you running back for more. Trust us, your taste buds won’t know what hit them. The menu is modeled on a shared eating concept although it’s also quite easy to order your own plate too, making it perfect for all couples (however long you’ve been together!) The only prob. with Chin Chin is that it’s insanely popular so you either need to get there early to grab yourselves a seat or be prepared to go there knowing you’ll be in for a wait. We highly recommend putting your names on the waiting list and going somewhere close by for drinks – Eau-de-Vie is right around the corner and it’s the shizzle for cocktails. (Just don’t have too many!)

Bacaro – 7 Lonsdale St. Braddon, Canberra

If you want to be wined and dined in style we love no other place in Canberra more than Bacaro. Bacaro is an Italian restaurant that mixes old school trattoria traditions with a modern Braddon vibe. It also has a fire place which makes it perfect for warm winter dates as it's quite small and intimate. But most importantly its food and wine is off the charts! Owned by the Trimboli brothers who first started with Italian & Sons (the much loved restaurant next door) the menu is pretty much just a smaller version of that. (I.e It’s filled with nothing but Italian classics, cooked to a standard that’s pretty hard to match.) It’s a very romantic place for a date night too, so it would be perfect for couples who actually like to celebrate Valentines Day, or feel like they should treat themselves to a lush carb load fest, or top notch wine.

Ps. Their wine menu is huge and features a heap of organic, preservative free, local and international wines. But if you don't even know where to start with the wine list, there's no need to worry, the wait staff are amazing (plus they're oh so cute in their little white suit jackets) and are always more than happy to help. Unfortunately though, Bacaro is a walk in restaurant only and doesn’t take bookings so be prepared for that.

The Butler – 123 Victoria Street Potts Point, Sydney

The Butler is another one of our fave. restaurants in Sydney that combines a buzzy bar vibe with original food. And by ‘original’ we truly mean original as ‘classic French-Caribbean’ food’ is what this venue offers. But if you’re a little confused as to what ‘Classic French-Caribbean’ food might entail think, Caribbean spiced pork short ribs with green papaya slaw, or even dishes like whole blackened chicken, black beans, corn and tomatillo salsa. (If anything, just expect flavours to be out of this world.) Although there's more to this place than just the food, because the cocktail bar is to die for too; which makes it the perfect venue for first dates, or date Numéro 100 with your love (despite the fact it can be a little loud.) Unfortunately though, you can't make a booking here either, but remember: The Cocktail Bar! Get there early, put your names down on a table and wind down with a pre-dinner drink.

FYI: The Butler has also been described as one of the best dining spaces that Sydney has to offer! So you can stare out at the greenery, the view of The Domain, or the ever changing Sydney city skyline...and trust us, it’ll be hard not to fall in luuurve – which makes it perfect for Valentines Day, no?

Images: Mocan and Green Grout, Gazi, Acme, Chin Chin, Bacaro, The Butler, Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Have you been to any of these restaurants? Tell us some of your fave. date night spots! 

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