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Last Chance To Shop Our Summer Sale!

PSA: Everything you've been putting off buying is ON SALE now. Soooooo get your wallets ready ladies and shop our faves below.


Multi Strap Lace Up Heels, Mode Collective - ON SALE $199.00 (previously $299.00)

From a dress, to boyfriend jeans these shoes will make sure you ooze sexy vibes everywhere you go. 

Day For Night Dress, Asilio -  ON SALE $160.00 (previously $269.95)

Designed with a wide racer back and a dropped waist that dramatically flares out (also worn and blogged by many fashion bloggers) this dress can be paired with flats for day, or heels for night. You could even rock it with a pair of boots and see it through to autumn. (Plus if you have a fashion blog you could blog it too. Better late than never!)

Coen Pant, Acler -  SALE $190.00 (previously $320.00)

The 70's trend is here to stay and these pants will make it super easy for you to rock it through to next season. Also if you're really into the hippy vibe they're a much better and classier option for your 9-5 than a disco suit.  

When The Love Comes Knocking Playsuit, Asilio - SALE $170.00 (previously $259.95

This is one of our fave pieces from this season and will be perfect for next summer so don't let it go. Designed to be a loose fit, it'll suit a range of body types too. You could even try a size up. Plus the elastic waist band will help keep your shape. Trust us, this is way easier to wear than it looks!

Bandage Centred WB Skirt, Nicholas The Label - SALE $270.00 (previously $395.00)

A pencil skirt is timeless (which is why you should always snap them up when they're on sale... like good winter coats). You don't even need to work a 9-5 job to wear this style either. The world is your oyster with this piece. Weddings, weekends, around the house - watevs. 

Count on Dress, Alice McCall - SALE $149.00 (previously $280.00)

You know the love we have for timeless pencil skirts? Well, we also have that same love for timeless LBD's - because you can never have too many. Which is why sale time is a great time to add another one to the collection. Just don't tell bae.

Multi Strap Lace Up Heels, Mode Collective - ON SALE $199.00 (previously $299.00)

Sexy represent. That's what these shoes are all about. If you're brave sexy dressing type of gal. 

Cuba Maxi, Minty Meets Munt - ON SALE $89.00 (previously $209.00)

Love your maxi's? Well, this is the maxi to end all maxi's. (Like if you went to a wedding wearing this dress and somebody else was wearing another maxi you would win the maxi war.) Also, the deep V neckline adds just the right amount of sex appeal for night, but is still tame enough to be paired back with some flats for day. 

Crepe Tie Hem Tank, Nicholas The Label -  ON SALE $199.00 (previously $299.00)

This top is prob. best left for tall gals with the upper body length to wear it. (It'd be perfection for you!) As the seasons change you can dress it up with a blazer for work, or on it's own while the weather is still warm. It's pretty much a top designed to deal with climate change. 

Anika Skirt, Steele - ON SALE $159.00 (previously $299.00)

Made from a luxurious soft suede you'll be touching the softness in this skirt for weeks! But once you get over the softness, we highly recommend you wear it with a pair of leggings as the weather cools down, or with a cute pair of flats while it's warm. The colour will also make it super easy to work into your existing wardrobe, because: neutrals. Everybody needs more neutrals. They'll save your morning 'I hate all my clothes!' problems - stat. 

Dylann Lace Maxi Dress, Steele - SALE $199.00 (previously $399.00) - also avail. in white. 

Classy-boho dressing represent. This dress comes both in black and white but we aint' gonna lie, the black version is much more forgiving. It comes with a slip dress you pop on first underneath and the lacey bit goes on top. Wear it with a pair of boots during the day and pretend you're at Glastonbury, or a classy pair of heels at night...and still pretend you're at Glastonbury (or somewhere else) it's up to you. 

 Images: Rebel Muse; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, what have you loved wearing this season?

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