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Fab Podcasts To Get You Through Your Morning

We all know what the morning is like. It’s not fun. Unless you’re a morning person, then it’s probably fun for you.

But for the rest of us… who hear our alarms go off at 630, 633, 635, then again at 640 we normally need a little extra mojo (which usually comes in the form of caffeine).

But you know what else gets us out of bed in the morning?

A kick a$$ outfit…

Also; a kick a$$ podcast!

Podcasts have become our new favourite thing. Which is why we thought we’d round up some of our current faves. So you can get them in your ears – stat. 

Download the podcasts below and listen to them while you’re picking out your outfit in the morning, driving to work, out for a jog, or even on the weekend while you attempt to cull through your wardrobe (yet again).

They’re kind of like the modern gals lazy way to read. Plus, they can make you feel like you’re achieving something while your doing other things (or nothing).

The Tim Ferriss Show

The Tim Ferriss Show is essentially the number one business podcast on all of iTunes. It’s also been ranked #1 of all podcasts a gazillion times and if you’re confused as to who this Tim Ferris guy is, he wrote that book The Four Hour Work Week teaching us all to work better, not harder. He interviews successful people who share their wisdom and actually want to learn from. It’ll make you want to kick some serious career goals. Or at least get your shiz together a little bit more.

What I Wore When, Glamour Magazine (US)

Hour long podcasts can be a little hard to dedicate some time too (unless you include short intermission breaks) which is why Glamour Magazine’s mini podcast series is a totally achievable. Each episode is less than 10 minutes and you get to listen to editors, celebrities and designers chat about what they wore for a specific milestone in their life ie. when they landed their sh!t hot job, got divorced, gave birth etc… It’s perfect for the faaaashion obsessed and for us ladies who know that outfits matters – no matter what you’re doing!

Mamamia Out Loud

The ultimate podcast for gals in Aus. It’s run by the Mamamia Women’s Network and is probably the main one from a bunch that's run by the site. Hosted by Mia Freedman and a couple of their Editors (and sometimes guests) it basically gets you up to speed on what’s been happening in the news world – in case you’ve missed it (again). It’s not boring though, the ladies make it fun and can bounce from red carpet fashion and celebrities, to politics, motherhood and body image. It’s a podcast by women, for women and will keep you up to speed.



You could say that Serial is the podcast that helped start the podcast trend. This one follows the story of a murder that happened in Baltimore in 1999 of a young woman called Hai Min Lee and Adnan Syeed, the accused who's always maintained his innocence. Hosted by a lawyer called Sarah, she investigates the case with each episode and it’s ridiculously addictive. If you’ve been watching Making A Murderer on Netflix, you’ll love this. Also; a season two has just been released, but like most sequels it’s not as good.

Vogue Podcast

A Vogue podcast hosted by Andre Leon Talley – need we say more? Ok, we can say a little more....Each episode is different and Andre gets to chat to some of fashion’s biggest designers and Hollywood’s brightest stars. This podcast is just another way of telling some of Vogues most interesting stories which are also run the magazine.

Magic Lessons, Elizabeth Gilbert

This podcast is for the seriously creative; designers, writers, artists, musicians and every other person that's creatively inclined. Hosted by best selling author, Elizabeth Gilbert (who wrote Eat Pray Love) she will inspire you to think outside the box with your creative work in an easy to understand way. If you’ve read her new book ‘Big Magic’ this podcast is an extension of that - with the added bonus of inspiring guests!

Images: Pinterest ; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Do you have a favourite podcast? Tell us what it is!

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