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Is Social Media Ruining Your Style?

It’s that time of night, you’re sitting on the couch after making your masterchef worthy peanut butter on toast for dinner AND you’re feeling utterly satisfied. Mostly because peanut butter on toast is not only delicious …but it’s also nutritious, which means you know you’re totally deserving of kudos and maybe some sort of cooking reward. 


Anyway, your TV is on (mostly for background noise), and like routine, you begin your evening Instagram scrolling.

First you scroll through your feed, then you scroll through your ex’s feed, then you might click on some other feed and really have no idea where you are…which inevitably will lead you back to scrolling through your own feed, which was the happy place where you started.

So then you’re scroll, scrollin’, scrollin’ and BAM like a brick in the face you see a pic of Gigi Hadid (and her indescribably long legs) wearing a pair of sh!t hot jeans that have been ripped all the way up the middle in such an elegant and fashionable way that you NEED TO DO THE SAME THING TO ALL OF YOUR JEANS NOW.

Or at least that’s what you think. Because despite the fact that Gigi Hadid (and her ridiculously long legs) has a gazillion dollars and probably an entourage of minions dedicated to masterfully ripping ridiculously good looking holes in her jeans, you my love, unfortunately do not; but in the haste of seeing and being influenced by the gorg. pic of Gigi on social media the thought doesn’t even enter your mind.

Because you NEED to look like Gigi too.

So naturally, like any normal social media influenced lady would do you grab a pair of scissors and start hacking at a pair of jeans you already own.

It’s a blind blur really. Eventually though, you come out of the Gigi infused blur and realise that ‘you’ve really F’d your jeans up.’

Which naturally means your next step is to stalk and buy an exact pair of Gigi’s jeans online - because you still need them in your life. (And now probably more than ever, because you’ve just ruined a really good pair of jeans you already own).

Anyway in between hacking at your own jeans and hunting down a carbon copy online, would you ever stop and think, ‘I wonder if those Gigi jeans would actually suit (short legged) me?’

Probably not.

Would you ever?

Well, we think, sometimes yes. But we also know the celebrity long legged model appeal is real – and much stronger than we’d probably like to admit.

Which is why we think that whenever a shiz hot babe appears on your feed wearing something cool (and that you probably can’t really afford) you should stop and ask yourself… ‘If I saw this [insert clothing item] hanging in a shop and not on Insty would I want to buy it? More importantly, would I even care?’

Social media is changing everything.

And FYI: In real life, people (sadly) aren’t born with Valencia filters, our morning oats also look nothing like oats in the Insty world and as much as we’d like to think that everything that Gigi Hadid wears will look good on us…it probably won’t.

Plus, when that exact pair of ripped denim jeans you saw on Gigi (that one time on Instagram) do finally arrive, even if they do fit, Gigi will be onto much bigger and better things.

Like probably non-ripped jeans (which will inevitably make you want to sew your new jeans back up.)

So think before you get caught up in a social media blur.

And if you do, at least stop for a minute and ask yourself ‘do I have a similar body shape and/or style to [insert image of whatever you want to buy] already?

And realistically…’is this piece of clothing really an investment or will I look back and LOL?’

If you can’t tell, at least be certain that your future kids will be able to tell. And gosh will they LOL at your poor judgment.

So is it worth being blinded by social media?


But not all the time.

Especially if you're jumping on board a trend that everyone's doing and it doesn't suit you. (Plus how un-fun would it be seeing cookie cutter Gigi's everywhere when in real life no one actually looks like Gigi...except Gigi).

Social media also has the ability to make us lose our own creativity when it comes to putting outfits together which in turn can make us lose our own personal style and individuality

And if social media is going to ruin our personal style or make our outfit worthy of a LOL, it's prob. not worth adding to cart. 

Images: Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, have you ever bought something off Instagram that wasn't your style? 

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