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'Fashion-y' Insta Accounts To Follow Now

It’s that time of the month again! (No, not that time of the month). We’re talking about a new time. A time at the end of each month, where we promise to sit down, have a coffee and share with you our favourite ‘fashion-y’ accounts we’ve been stalking on Instagram.

Basically, so you can stalk and obsess over them too.

You see, there are so many websites, bloggers, designers and digital influencers all around the world that we stalk for inspiration on the daily, which is why we want to share the love.

We also like to make excuses to drink more coffee than should be allowed so if we need to drink more coffee while we discuss such important ‘fashion-y’ matters then... well, we have to. 

Anyway, tis’ time to get your stalk on. Add these accounts to who you’re following now!


Miroslava Duma is a name that more of the world needs to know. Russian born and bred she initially worked and wrote for magazines such as Vogue, Tatler, Forbes and Glamour (the Russian versions) before starting her own digital company Buro 24/7. Buro 24/7 was launched in Russia back in 2011 but today it’s expanded around the world into over ten countries (including Aus!) although really, we love her for her style. It truly is unfair how she can rock anything, anytime and look amazing, always. Which is why stalking her Insta is way too fun. Plus, she posts behind the scenes pics of runway shows, her office and major celeb BFF's which makes it the ultimate indulgence. 


Following on from our Mira obsession, the next account we want you to stalk is naturally her Buro 24/7 Australian account. Fashion, culture, beauty, health and entertainment it’s really a go-to account to know what’s up in the world. The Insta links to daily articles and news items, inspiration and must-see photos of what’s happening in fashion in a whole bunch of countries so you'll never feel like you're missing out. 


Maja Wyh is a fashion blogger/digital influencer from Germany and her Insta is a combination of both fashion, art and photography. Her outfits have been featured in magazines such as Elle and Vogue and when you look at how she’s put everything together you’ll wonder how the hell she can make a somewhat homeless look, look so chic!? It’s easy to see she doesn’t follow rules or trends and sticks to a style that is inherently her own (and is one that not many can pull off). Which is why we struggle to pull away from her account.


If you’re into faaaaashion but not keen on taking it too seriously, then you need to stalk Man Repeller now. It’s run by journo Leandra Medine who is super kooky and fun. Her website looks at every in and out that the fashion world has to offer but adds a comedic twist. There’s beauty and pop culture talk too which is bound to entertain you! The insta account is a mix of daily fashion and street style pics designed to inspire your next outfit choice and links to articles from her website which will make you LOL.


With so many fashion accounts on Insta, sometimes it's nice to get back to the basics, which is where Casa Kuma come in. Keeping to a colour palette of neutrals, greys and blacks the account mixes their amazing basics (which our wardrobes oh' so love and are also luckily avail. in store) with cool home office, foodie, house vibes and getaway inspo too. It's the account that'll always be on trend. 

Images: Instagram; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, what are some of your fave. Insta accounts to follow?

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