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4 Daily Rituals That Help Me Get The Most Out Of My Day

Lets be honest, when I started Rebel Muse I didn't really know what I was getting myself into and I don't think anything could have prepared me for it either. At the time, I thought I was so ready and knew exactly what I was doing. I understood it was going to be hard work, but hard work had never scared me. My combined work experience in retail, customer service and the fashion industry spanned over 10 years. I was totes ready to nail this.

And even though I used to think my lifestyle was busy... shit escalated real quick and before I knew it I was saaah busy! Starting Rebel Muse was not a 9 to 5 job, it had taken over my life!  

A bad day in store, meant a bad day for me, which also meant I would stay up late at night trying to strategise our next step for improvement. Sometimes I wouldn't be able to sleep because I was thinking of all the things ahead of me, like "how am I going to pay my next invoice!"

I stopped exercising, food became all about convenience, I wasn't nourishing my body, or looking after myself and 'me time' meant catching up on sleep. I didn't have time for any of the above, because I WAS BUSY. DUH!

But you see it's a catch 22, because the thing is, when you do invest in yourself, your energy levels and productivity actually increase, you think clearer and your decision making skills become sharper.

I realised my life had no structure and some days I felt like I was drowning. I knew I couldn't go on working the way I had been and  something had to change. Which is when I developed a few small daily rituals to help give my life some order. Now, I've only been using these rituals for a few months, but I've already noticed a huge impact on my day to day productivity, energy and overall mood! In fact, if I go a few days without using these tools, then I feel unbalanced and out of control. 

Most of them were inspired by Tim Ferriss, who we spoke about in our Podcasts post. I just simply adapted them in a way that works best for me, and now, I hope they'll give you all ideas on how you can develop your own daily rituals, to help smash out your day too!

1. Make My Bed

I never used to be one to make my bed. I only started making my bed after I listened to the Tim Ferriss Podcast where he interviews Tony Robbins. Both Tony and Tim were saying how it's an important part of their morning routine. It is the first 'task' you will achieve for the day and sometimes it might be the only one. You might have your whole day planned out and be ready to smash it out of the ball park. But then life throws you ALL the curve balls. ALL OF THEM. And suddenly your day doesn't go the way you had planned at all. But at least when you get home and see your nicely made bed, it can give you a sense of control and accomplishment. Like yes, maybe I do have some control of my life after all and even if I didn't accomplish anything significant today, at least I made my bed!

2. Gratitude Diary or 5 Minute Journal

I have this little book called The 5 Minute Journal. It has one page for every day, which I fill out each morning and night. It seriously takes less than five minutes to write in. In the morning I write out what I am grateful for, what would make the day great and a daily affirmation. In the evenings I write three amazing things that happened that day, and "how could I have made today better?".

I say this all the time, and I will say it again, GRATITUDE CHANGES EVERYTHING!

I try to find a reason to be grateful, even in situations that I find challenging. For example, I moved back home with my mum and little sister when I opened Rebel Muse and I've definitely found moving back home challenging. Not only have I moved back home, I also moved from the buzz and excitement of Bondi to suburban Dunlop. Some days I get frustrated that I have to drive half an hour to get a good coffee, or share a bathroom with my little sister, or that a round trip to the city in a cab costs me $120. So then I'll write down that I'm grateful that I have a family home I can come and live in, that I don't have to pay rent, and that I have a family that can support me through the start up phase of a business. 

3. To Do List 

I love my to do list. And I especially love crossing things off my to do list! I write my to do list for the next day just before going to sleep. It helps me get everything out of my head and onto paper. Which means I then sleep better at night. Throughout the day, as things pop up, I will add them onto the bottom of my list.


  •  Keep your daily to do list short. Only write down as many tasks as you know you will be able to accomplish during the day. You don't want to feel overwhelmed by looking at your list. Accomplishing your list, gives you a sense of achievement.  
  •  Write your list out in order of priority, so you're sure you won't skip past any of the really important tasks from that day.
  • Have a 'Master' to do list, that has everything you want to get done over the week/month/near future. You can then break that down into your short daily to do list.
  •  Write out the little tasks. I often write out small things like, wake up early, txt Amelia (my BFF) and see how she is, read for five minutes, go to the gym etc...Putting these small reminders down on paper means I won't forget, or they won't get put off.
  •  Cross the shit off your list! Look over it, rejoice in your accomplishments. 

4. Me Time - Gym/Meditation/Reading

I try to do some form of exercise, either at the gym, yoga class, or walk, three - four times a week. On the days I don't go to the gym, I try to set aside 10-20 minutes to meditate or read. All of the above, are forms of activity that disconnect me from my business, relationships and whatever else is going through my head. It gives me time to clear my head and reset myself. Plus endorphin's make you happy right?

Remember, these daily rituals are there to help you improve your lifestyle, not weigh you down. They are guidelines not strict rules. Don't beat yourself up if you don't follow through with certain rituals on some days (which ever ones they may be).  

I hope that some of you will take inspiration from my routine, but also realise that we all go through challenges every day. 

Alicia xx

Images: An Organised Life, Nike Women

Tell us, do you have any of your own rituals, tips or tricks? We'd would love to hear about them below!

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