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London Fashion Week AW 16: What You Need To Know

Fashion weeks are happening all around the world. Last week we bought you our fave. fashion stuff from New York AW 16 and this week we’re all about London Fashion Week. And even though we’ve really had to up our stalking game quick, to hop from one country to another there’s something different about London. 

For one it’s one of the shortest fashion weeks (five days to be exact) so a whole heap of shows are jam-packed to fit; and even though the weather is grey, grey, grey the fashion on the street and in the shows is completely not.

Plus, unlike cities like Paris and New York it seems as though very few people decide to wear black and play it safe, which makes stalking it, extra fun. In fact, in London so many wacky outfits come out to shine that we think the street style is worth a dedicated love poem alone!

But maybe we can do that next year.

Although we do quickly want to make mention of a London fashion writer Yu Masui who creatively manufactured a different persona via his outfits everyday. On one of the days he even went as far as to wear a giant raccoon tail dangling from his ear (stalk his Insta and you can see it @Yumasui).

Anyway, London Fashion Week was pretty cray. So let’s chat about our fave. bits from the super quick week below.


The Street Style

So many shows, so little time. That seems to be the mantra for London Fashion Week with bloggers, editors and celebs jam packing all of their best looks into a few short days. Maybe that’s why the London rat pack always come out with the goods? Whatever the reason, it rocks and despite most of the street style being super bright and colourful it somehow doesn’t ever look like people are trying too hard. It just works. And how do you know when it works? Well, it’s usually when you see pics of outfits you know wouldn’t look good on you – but you try to wear anyway. Seriously, just stop wanting to dress like Alexa Chung for the rest of the week.

The Fashion (Collections)

The lack of adventure and rule breaking that New York Fashion week couldn’t come through with last week, was sure made up for in London; with brave designers letting their creativity run wild and freeeeeee. Plus in London now, some of the shows are even open to public viewing so we’re super excited to see what the next few years brings for consumers. Anyway, it was hard to wittle our fave. collections from the week down to just three – but we did it! And even though Christopher Bailey for Burberry is most definitely worthy of a mention for his plaid and colour mixing genius, Alexander McQueen under the direction of Sarah Burton (who is two weeks from having her third baby mind you) stole our hearts.

Not only was Sarah respectful to the legacy that is McQueen, but she managed to make her mark in a feminine, prettier and lighter way. It felt like we were sleep walking. It started with black coats, hand painted butterflies and pocket watches then slowly undressed to lacy bras, feminine double lapel suits and finally bodices of black tulle dresses set with jeweled stars swanned around like we were in a dream. It would have taken hundreds of hours of skilled labour by a whole heap of specialists to pull those pieces together and it was so jaw dropping worth it.

Our next fave. was Erdem who’s collection was an entire romantic, disheveled mess – in a good way of course. He destroyed romanticism with every piece that trawled down the catwalk in what felt like an ode to the 30’s and 40’s. There was an abundance of delicate lace, dark sequins, Herringbone feathers, floating fabrics and even frayed black and white tweed pantsuits and snapshots of velvet. And finally, Christopher Kane. The Kanes paid tribute to the loss of their mother at the beginning of the show with plastic rain hats all tied under the chin they say “their mother used to wear when she picked them up from school.” From there they let their imagination run wild into a whole new world of surrealism that included asymmetrical black tailoring, jackets and scarves fringed with ostrich feathers in red, green and faded pink. Apparently the underlying theme of their collection was tied to a ‘narrative of a woman in a disturbed mental state…’ and it showed!





Christopher Kane

The Beauty

Can you believe the beauty was super similar to New York Fashion Week? No! Neither could we. London did up the crazy a little though in a (surprisingly) wearable way which made things super fun. Again, intense black liner is in, so we highly recommend you up your stash now. High pigmented dark moody lips a la Kylie Jennner are also here to stay. And if you want to inject a little sparkle into your life/ are feeling adventurous, make like Burberry and dust a little glitter on your cheeks and under your eyes. We’re not sure how they made glitter tears look wearable, but they did (tread this trend with caution).

Topshop Unique


The Front Row

London Fashion Week sure makes all our fave. British It gals come out to play (and some of our fave. American ones too). From Alexa Chung, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Suki Waterhouse, to Daisy Lowe and street style/fashion queen B Olivia Palermo (who never puts a foot wrong) we couldn’t stop stalking! Buuuuut eventually we knew we had to get back to reality, so we did. 

And that’s a wrap!

Images: Pinterest, Vogue.com, The Styleograph, Elle, Who What Wear, Refinery 29, The Cut; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, did you follow London Fashion Week? Which one of these looks do you love!?

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