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#BOSS Aussie Fashion Label macgraw

The Macgraw sisters Beth and Tess always knew they would end up working in the fashion industry, they just wanted to launch at the right time. And now, with a whole heap of hard work, passion and penchant to design killer threads this homegrown label is just on the up and up! 

Currently stocked at Rebel Muse, macgraw is naturally also one of our favourite brands. We were so obsessed with their #mbfwa16 show this year and are dying for the weather to warm up so we can breeze around in their fun pieces this summer!

Having to work together the sisters are also incredibly close and are as much friends as they are business partners, which has undoubtedly also contributed to their success.

Actually, it’s been a big year for the girls and in the last five months they’ve nabbed themselves three of Australia’s most prestigious design awards including the 2016 Tiffany & Co. National Designer Award (in March), the BT Emerging Fashion Designer Award (in April) and the International Woolmark Prize Australia & New Zealand regional final (July) - their winning piece was a fairy floss pink coat with embroidered detailing. 

macgraw clothes are polished, girly, fun and easy, peasy to throw on too, so all about the comfort; and we promise this summer they will make you much more efficient in the mornings. But let’s find out a little more about the sisters, their business ethic and how they started their label below.

In a few words tell us a little bit about yourselves

We are two sisters (Tess and Beth) from Sydney and we started our label, macgraw back 2012. We love creating beautiful Australian made clothing and putting it out into the world :-)

What did you do before macgraw was born?

Tess worked in fashion retail while studying fashion and Beth studied PR and worked in NYC and London. We always wanted to start a label since we were kids. It was just a case of pursuing it when the timing felt right.

What was the turning point for the brand that got your noticed? 

Our second fashion week show in 2015 was a pivotal moment, we picked up our first international stockists and it set us up for the unbelievable year we are having this year.

Try: Blue Ribbon Jumpsuit Blue Denim - $495.00

Who is the macgraw girl? 
Our girl is an international millennial with an eye for detail, she appreciates our hand drawn prints and carefully sourced fabrics. She doesn't want to look like everyone else.

What is your work outfit Mon-Fri - is it always macgraw? 

We pretty much only wear macgraw unless we are exercising! Tess loves a layering lace with blazers and Beth gravitates to the printed silk sets. We do wear other brands' shoes and accessories though and always love to mix it up with a bit of Celine, Givenchy or even a Chuck Taylor.

Can you describe what your workspace looks like for us? 

It's organised chaos, and the light is wonderful. Our windows look out onto beautiful bamboo trees. We also have a mix of plants to keep it fresh.

Who are you looking to as a muse or inspiration for the year ahead? 

We look to nature when designing, at the moment we are gravitating toward botanicals, especially Australian wildflowers.

Where would we find you on a typical Sunday morning? 

Breaky or sleeping in (if we aren't working.)

Do you have any advice for anybody wanting to be a designer? 

Make sure you get into it for the right reasons. It's not an easy road so you will need to harness that will and passion often!

 Try: Dressage Skirt Pole Print - $485.00 /Jockey Shirt Pole Print - $425.00

Finish these sentences….

Coffee or tea… coffee

On our coffee table you’ll find… flowers

Our fave. flowers for our workspace are…at the moment flannel but it changes

We de-stress by… yoga or red wine

We own too many… fragrances

Images: macgraw, Vogue; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, do you own any macgraw pieces? What are some of your favourite Australian labels?

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