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#BOSS Beck Wadworth, An Organised Life

Beck Wadworth is the babe and brains behind stationery and lifestyle brand An Organised Life. You may have seen one of her minimalistic, super stylish creations floating around Instagram.

It’s a brand that was born out of the desire to create luxurious yet functional stationery, bringing structure and organisation into busy lives. And don’t we all need that!

Seriously, doesn’t organising everything into super chic creations make us work just that little bit harder? Or at least it can make our desks a helluva lot neater.

The label currently offers a curated selection of minimalistic black and white notebooks, diaries, a travel journal, leather notebooks, pens and now even 'An Organised Life' watch. Function & style is the ethos behind the brand. 

However if you’re still after more, Beck’s also launched a blog that’s become a destination that hosts content on how to have a more organised life. From how to organise your wardrobe, workspace & beauty routine, to simple ways to be more productive.

So with the brand growing by the day, we sat down with Beck recently to chat all things business, life and to find out whether she really is that organised...

Hint: she is. 

Tell us about An Organised Life what led you to launch your brand?

I have always been a really organised person. When I moved to Sydney after completing an honours degree in Graphic Design, I was working in the fashion industry at a really fast paced company. I couldn't find a diary anywhere that complimented my monochrome style & was functional for organising my life. This is when I decided to launch my brand. 

What were you doing prior to An Organised Life?

I have always worked in the fashion industry - and still do. My roles have included PR & marketing roles, social media roles and website manager roles in fast fashion, along with luxury and designers labels. 

Did you have any prior business experience before you started? What has been the most important business lesson you’ve learnt since you began?

No I didn’t have any business experience prior to starting An Organised Life however I had knowledge in quite a few creative areas like social media, web, marketing, PR & graphic design and literally read everything I possibly could about starting a business.

There are a lot of moving parts in a business and recognising your personal strengths and weaknesses from the start is extremely important. There is no point wasting your time mastering the art of finance if you are a creative person - outsourcing that side of your business is much more worth while in the short and long term. 

Is there anything you would do different looking back now?

There have definitely been learning curves, however I am so happy I have taken my time and grown as I have been ready. If anything I wish I was more of a risk taker back when I first started. 

Can you describe your creative style/angle?

My personal and my creative style is very clean and minimalistic. From my wardrobe which is refined and all about classic silhouettes, to my apartment which is all monochrome with clean lines and a touch of greenery - everything in my life is streamlined with this vibe. My design philosophy is to create functional yet luxe products with a minimalistic and clean aesthetic. I’m a bigger lover of less is more.

Are you actually organised now? (Ha.) 

Haha! Yes! I have always been an organised person. For me, it makes life easier and less stressful. I love routine and to do lists and I also find time management and prioritising some of the most effective ways to organise my life both professionally and personally.

What does a typical day look like for you now?

Every day is different. Three days a week I work at the Bec + Bridge HQ in Sydney which I LOVE! And three days a week I work from my home office on An Organised Life which looks like the below.

7am: Walk from South Bondi to North Bondi to get a coffee and home again - fresh air is so important for me!

8am: Urgent emails and online orders completed by 9.30am ready for collection

9.30am: Shoot, write, edit, plan or organise blog posts  (I usually shoot once a week)

11.45am: Meetings with my sales team, PR, manger or clients (over coffee or on the phone)

12.30pm: Get home and catch up on any emails 

1.30pm: Edit imagery and plan out my social media

2.45pm: Lunch break on the go

3.00pm: Designing afternoon

5.30pm: Accounts

7.00pm: Finish for the day (usually I keep going on some tangent but I try and stop so I can feel refreshed for the next day)

You also have a blog, do you run that too? Or are there other people in your team?

Yes, for me the An Organised Life blog is just as important as the products. Its a platform that shares tips and tricks on how to organise your life while also featuring other inspiring women and there stories. It has a diverse range of content that aims to be educational and inspiring all in one - it’s a natural extension of the brand.

At this stage, I manage, run and create all the blog content as well. I’m very hands on with An Organised Life and only have a team for my PR, sales, accounts and a manager for my influencer side of the business. 

What is your stance on Instagram photography, do you shoot most things yourself or do you have a professional on hand?

I think it's super important to have strong photography for any brands marketing channels - online, campaign imagery, social media. I do a mix of my own photography and also work with a photographer for my campaigns and any imagery I am the talent in. 

What type of employment positions have helped shape what you do today?

I studied ballet from the age of five until my early 20’s and this taught me a lot about discipline, commitment and hard work.

I have also learnt a lot from working with small brands and labels where you cross a multi line role - e.g marketing, PR, web, graphic, social media. Being exposed to all these areas of a business can give you a real important insight into how everything works.

Do you have any tips/tricks for branding yourself on social media?

Know your point of difference and stay true to your brand.

Also make sure you are always open and communicate with your audience as much as possible. 

What business advice would you give to budding female entrepreneurs out there?

Be as hands on as possible for the first year. 

Be prepared to work hard. 

Trust your gut always. 

Learn from your mistakes,

And be patient.

Do you have any other new or exciting projects in the pipeline you can tell us about?

This year is all about expanding my range and brand in general which is really exciting. 

I have spent the first half of this year designing and sampling lots of new products that will launch from August 2017 through to Feb 2018 - I cant wait! Along with my new range I will also be doing another collaboration product that will launch in November 2017.

Blog wise - I have a lot of travel planned for the second half of the year (woo!) and will be introducing more of these features and segments to the blog. 

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Where do I start?! I have so many boxes I want to tick for An Organised Life. Some short term and some long term. For now I just want to continue to grow the brand locally and internationally and to grow my product range. I’m all about quality over quantity. Watch this space! xx

Images: Beck Wadworth; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

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