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#Boss Interview: Fashion Bloggers, Twice Blessed

You’re probably already following Rebecca and Marissa Karagiorgos on Instagram. They’re twins based in Melbourne and own a blog under the name of @twiceblessed_ (www.twiceblessed.com.au).

In fact they're a pretty haaaawt item when it comes to the fashion blogging world right now. We’ve been following them for quite some time, and every outfit they post makes us want to buy it – which means they’re doing their job right?

Anyway, the girls are creative directors, fashion bloggers, do content creation and social media marketing as well. Plus, they’re the the epitome of what social media kids at University these days could be doing right?( Like, find us a media student who doesn’t have a blog these days!)

These gals were smart though, plus they've worked their butts off. And now, having both graduated with a Bachelor of Business and Marketing they’ve finished their degrees and landed themselves a cushy, super fashionable job  - that they created on their own.


However, as anybody who has a fashion blog knows, it’s not all free clothes and laying around on the beach. Blogging actually takes a heck of a lot of hard work and also has the tendency to eat up into your personal time too.

So are you a fashion blogger? Have you ever wanted to start one? We sat down with the Melbourne based beauties to get the lowdown on how they made it work. 

Tell us about your working background. What did you study? And what were you both doing prior to launching your blog? 

We come from a background in marketing (yes, we both did a Bachelor of Business and Marketing together!) We have both also worked in retail since we were 16 so have really enjoyed fashion from a young age.

How did you get into fashion blogging? Was fashion always something you’d been interested in? 

I guess the idea of ‘blogging’ never really interested us as we were more passionate about fashion, styling and helping others (in a consumer sense). However, the natural progression of that was writing and blogging. We started blogging in the last semester of our degree as a “hobby”, but it quickly turned into something more!

Tell us a little about the beginning struggles of working/managing an emerging blog? How hard was it to get noticed? 

I think even now our struggles are the same as when we started. People don’t necessarily take this job seriously, or really even consider it a ‘job’ as it looks so easy (massive understatement). I think we started at a pretty good time in the market when there weren’t too many other girls doing it in Melbourne. With that, we were able to get more exposure, quicker than someone would be able to get now.

Do you have any tips for other fashion bloggers who might be starting out? 

Have a point of difference. There is no point being another ‘monochrome blogger’, or ‘fitness blogger’ if you’re just going to be like everyone else. You need to have something different about your platform that’s not like anyone else’s so that people will follow and engage with you. 

You’re both now blogging full time, was that always the plan? When did you know you could turn your website into a career? How long did it take you to see traction? 

We honestly didn’t know from the beginning that this had the possibility of being a full-time job. However, as of June 2015 (around the 50K mark) we knew that it definitely was something we wanted to strive for! 

What have been some your key successes to date? Or pinch yourself moments!

Definitely attending NYFW this year as invited guests! So amazing!! Also working with amazing brands such as Gucci, Coach, Farfetch, Shopbop & the Outnet!

Describe your style in three words

Classic, styled, and everyday.

How has your style evolved with your blog? What brands are you currently obsessed with?

We’ve definitely changed since we first started the blog. We went through a super colourful and high street phase, then a monochrome (black only) phase and now we’re focussing on high end, high St & luxury brands such as Gucci, Camilla & Marc, Shona Joy, etc! 

How do you keep content fresh, creative and on top of the trends? 

Having a background in marketing, we’re always looking ahead at how to grow and evolve our brand. We’re also very aware of what our followers like/dislike (based on engagement levels), so try to post more based on their likes!

Where do you go for inspiration? 

We look at a lot of international bloggers such as Aimee Song, Garry Pepper Girl, etc… for our inspiration!  


What are your thoughts on the fashion blogging world at the moment? Do you think it’s saturated? Any predictions on how it might change? 

We definitely think it’s getting pretty saturated. There is a lot of growth potential for men’s bloggers or more lifestyle publications, but women’s fashion/lifestyle blogging is pretty saturated. I think the next move is video, if bloggers can’t (or choose not to) keep up, they may fall behind.  

Have there been any low moments? Or periods when you’ve thought – this is all too hard? How do you overcome these? 

100% When you have to choose between hanging out with loved ones or working because you’re so busy, it kind of sucks. But when we think about it in perspective, we know we’re making the best decisions for our future! 

What motto do you live by? 

Be like bamboo, bend but do not break (for times for stress) & If you fail to plan, you plan to fail (for every area of life).

Where do you think you’ll be in five years time?

Hopefully married with children and a successful business behind us!


 Images: @Twiceblessed_ via Instagram; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, who are your favourite fashion bloggers?

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