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#Boss Interview: Comedian/Viral Video Maker/Radio Announcer, Tanya Hennessy

Tanya Hennessy, originally from Newcastle started her career as an actor, sidelined into comedy and now works as a breakfast radio announcer on Canberra's hit radio station 104.7. She also writes a monthly column for News.com.au where she shares her experiences and opinions on daily life matters. Although as if that wasn't enough she's a bit of a YouTube queen too; and makes hella funny comedy vlogs that are so relatable they can't help but go viral. 

Actually, we worked with her recently on a fun 'things people say to retail assistants' video (and have popped it in for you to stalk at the end). 

Anyway, this funny lady is the real deal and her following is growing by the day! Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat she does it all and she does it hilariously which is why we wanted to sit down with her recently to find out more about her life. How did she get into radio? Is it worth the hard work? And what type of style mentality do radio announcers have at 4am in the morning? Tanya is chatting all about it below. 

Ps. Don't forget to check out her channel

Tell us about your career. How did you get your start in radio? Has it always been what you wanted to do? 
I started in radio when I was 26, (I'm 30 now) I actually wanted to be an actor. My degree is in acting and theatre - I only decided to get into radio when I was working backstage on a musical and one of the cast members said "you should do radio" ... So I did. Not a great story. But the truth. 
It's not a 9-5 gig. What types of hours do you work? 
Alarm at 4.05am everyday. Finish, formally, around 12/1/2pm. Depends each day. Then I do something like lunch or write or nap; then back into it when news and the project is on at night. Truth is, it never stops. It's not a normal job. You're always thinking "is this radio?". 
In three words describe your early morning style/beauty philosophy.
Put. Clothes. On. 
Since you have to be 'on, ON' way more than a lot of us do for work how do you perk yourself up on those days when you really CBF'd? 
Coffee! And watching cool stuff that inspires me. Hearing a really good podcast, watching some great stand up or TV show. The other thing is, we have the best job in the world. Being grateful and aware how good the job is makes it easier. I try to give gratitude everyday. I have quotes too, so many lame lame quote that make me perk up. 
A lot of people in the media work freelance these days. Do you have any other side jobs? Are there any other media outlets you work for?
I am a regular contributor to news.com.au and create videos on my own Facebook page. 
What advice do you have for other people wanting to break into radio/media related field. Is an internship still the way to do it? And really, is all the hustle/free work worth it?
I interned when I was 26, I gave up my well paying job to volunteer at a radio station. I wasn't even an intern, I was a volunteer!  I had to live at home and work two casual jobs to survive. I had to beg people to teach me the on air systems. It was hard slog. 
But, Would I do it again? Yes. God yes. You gotta want it and you gotta work hard at it. It's not free work, it's an opportunity. Don't look at it the wrong way. That's the trap.
What are your favourite websites to stalk? 
News.com.au - I'm more of a YouTube stalker and Facebook video content watcher. 
What books are you currently reading? 
Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg.
If you weren't doing what you're doing now where would you be?
Trying to be where I am... Hustling. This is my dream. 
Finish these sentences:
Coffee or tea... Coffee 
I believe in most things but I don't believe in...tight undies 
People don't know that I have a fear of... Tomatoes 
If I were starting a cult I would worship...donuts 
You should never leave the house in...anything other than what makes you feel you.

Images: Tanya Hennessy; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

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