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#BOSS Keira Maguire

Keira Maguire was made the villain in the most recent season of The Bachelor (don't pretend like you didn't watch) and we're not sure whether it was her bitchy one-liners, or her knowing that she was perhaps, a little above what the show wanted her to do, that made us want to meet her - stat. 

Plus, you have to admit, thanks to the savvy editing of the producers she was pretty entertaining to watch. 

We also dug her style. Which is why when we knew she was going to be in Canberra recently for the Glam Squad event by Lexi Bannister and Jacqui Scott Makeup, we hosted a fun shopping expedition for her at Rebel Muse (for you sticky beaks interested, she bought a Matteau bikini and a pair of Nobody jeans) too.

Anyway, since leaving the show Keira has gathered a heap of media attention - and quickly. Her Instagram is growing by the day and she has a world of opportunity waiting at her doorstep, although she's in no rush to make her next move.

While Keira was in Canberra, the time we spent with her was super fun. She was a blast to hang out with and she totally rocked wearing 'off-duty active wear' like nobody's business.

This is a gal that loves her fashion! And since we love to talk all things fashion, before she left, we sat down with her quickly to talk all things style, her go-to brands, and of course, get the 411 re. her experience of being on a reality TV show - we just had to! 

Describe your style in three words?

Understated sport luxe.

Can you talk us through your favourite brands at the moment. What do you love to wear on the daily? 

I'm a massive fan of active wear. Rihanna x Puma, Fenti and I love wearing a good basic tee with a pair of Anine Bing Jeans and a good leather Jacket. I'm all about incorporating key pieces into the mix too. I’m a massive Valentino rock stud fan they can dress up and finish any look from day to night. 

You’re life has obviously changed a lot since going on the bachelor. Can you tell us the most significant change? Are there things that you’re still getting used to? 

The only thing that has changed is that people know my name and I get sent ALOT of free stuff, I'm actually very lucky that I have options, as I'm very particular with my brand etc… although I just feel a lot more grateful about life now.


If you could turn back time would you still have gone on The Bachelor? What did you learn from your experience? 

I learnt that you can't be too judgemental, I have learnt to accept people more for who they are and embrace it. I use to be very restricted with who I hung out with, I still am but the experience has allowed me to be a little bit more chilled out.  

We were obsessed with watching you! What was it like watching back your experience? Were you like nooooooo to the producers or was it funny? 

I feel like it was a bit of both. At first I was like OMG what have I done! And then I was like whatever, there’s nothing you can do. So I just embraced it.

Is there anything fun you might be working on for your brand now? Any new collabs you might want to share/ tell us about for the new year?

I have a few brands I’m working with at the moment, but I've been so busy at the that I haven't really had time to sit back and think about what it is that I exactly want to do. I have a full time job as well so I feel as though I’m just finding my feet at the moment. I know I want to do something I'm just not sure exactly what it is - yet!

OK, we know we spoke about your style earlier, but we also noticed you wear a lot of black leggings and black crops. What are your go-to brands for leggings and gym gear? 

I'm glad you asked! I'm obsessed with Daquini active wear at the moment and love anything Puma like I mentioned earlier.  Of course I also love anything Nike! 

What type of exercise do you do to stay so fit? 

I do a lot of yoga and Barre. My fitness regime hasn't been the best recently, but I get the best results from yoga!

What are your favourite foods? Can you describe your health philosophy to us?

I'm all about everything in moderation, I eat quite clean, a lot of salmon, chicken,  spinach and kale. But I also love a fit margarita pizza and pinot noir! 

How do you wind down after a busy day? Or de-stress when life gets crazy?

 Yoga or just chill crash out on my bed! Haha. 

And finally, please tell us the beauty products you can’t live without! 

OMG I have so many! At the moment I’m obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream - $185.00, also the Charlotte Tilbury Face Sculpt and Highlight Kit - $97.00. I also love the Mac Face and Body Foundation - $50.00 … and they have the best mascara MAC Opulash Optimum Black - $33.00 which I tell everyone about!

Images: @Keiramaguire; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, what are your fave. sport luxe brands? 

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