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Brow and Lash Treatments Explained

Have you been wanting to get your brows or your lashes done but been confused by all the treatments? We know that beauty land can be a tricky one to navigate with the vast amount of options sprouting up everywhere! 

So what is the difference between a brow wax and a tidy? Do we need to get our brows tinted when we change our hair colour? And what can a lash lift really do for our appearance (and time saving in the morning!)

We sat down with the babes from The Brow Lab to get the low down. Trust us, these girls do good face. So if the pics below give you a little bit of brow envy make sure you book in with them - stat. 

What's the difference between a brow tidy and a brow wax?
We prefer to refer to our brow waxing service as a tidy considering we don't actually offer a dramatic reshape or sculpt but a soft tidy encouraging a natural brow with soft arches yet defined lines.

What does a brow tint do? And how long does it last? Who would you recommend one to?
A brow tint is great to add warmth and dimension to your brow. A massive misconception regarding tinting is that it is very dark and generally black. We custom mix a cocktail of natural hues to suit your skin and hair. Generally speaking your brows should match if not be darker then your current hair colour. A tint can benefit every brow even just to add a little life or gloss, depending on your lifestyle and hair cycle tint can last anywhere between three to six weeks. 

Should ladies think about tinting their brows when they change their hair colour?
YES especially if they go darker! However going lighter with your hair doesn't mean that you need to lighten your brows.

What is a brow correction and who normally needs this service?
A brow correction is the use of a soft facial bleach to lighten the natural colour of your brows. This is by no means a bleach but a technique used to soften a heavy brow or a brow that may be too dark.

What is a lash lift? How long does it last?
Our signature lash lift service lifts your natural lashes from the root to give you that wide awake, doe eyed appeal without the need for mascara or curlers. Softer on your natural lashes then extensions and easier to maintain it is great for that lazy lady who wants to wake up looking fresh and fab. The service can last from six to 10 weeks depending on your lifestyle, hair cycle and after care.

Can anybody get a lash lift? Who do you recommend book in for this service? What are some things you consider before saying yes to a lash lift client?
We always consult with every client before booking in a lash lift. Not everyone is suitable for a lift. We recommend this service to humans with lashes that grow straight down primarily because they will see the greatest result. If you already have a natural curl or lift you really just need to rock your god given assets and save yourself some money and time. Pregnant ladies and people who have issues with keeping their eyes closed for extended periods should also steer clear.

What is a lash tint? How long does it last? Can a client get a lash tint without a lift?
A lash tint is a semi permanent hair dye applied directly to the lashes to deepen the colour of the lash to give you the look of wearing mascara even when you wake up without the smudge or the fuss. A lash tint can last up to six weeks. A lash tint is quicker then a lift and can be performed on almost everyone but is offered as part of the lift to give you the lift and the lux depth of colour.

What are some after care recommendations for lash lift and lash tint clients?
It is recommended to keep your lashes dry for 24 hours post lift and free from rubbing, avoid mascara for as long as you can (trust me you won't need it) and apply a nourishing oil or nourishing gel everyday especially before you go to bed. Lash tinting really doesn't require any aftercare but again we do recommend a nourishing mascara and removing all traces of makeup before bed. 

Tell us, are you ever confused by brow and eyelash treatments? What do you get done? 

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