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Catalina's Must Have Pantry Staples

Welcome back friends, Cat here! In recent years, I've really found peace in the kitchen. Not only to cure HANgriness, but to de-stress and really enjoy a meal, even if it means I’ve dirtied every kitchen implement in sight. As a kid, the kitchen was my mother’s domain (she is a professional chef and if you’ve ever tried ANYTHING of hers, then maybe you can understand the shadow she casts... unintentionally, of course!) However I too, LURVE her food and will invite myself over at LEAST once a week because she always sends me home with leftovers.

At my house things are much simpler. I’m all about less is more! Cook double the portions, save it for lunch the next day. Plus it saves you time and money, and those are two things no one has enough of, am I right?! (However, don’t keep your left overs longer than two nights... it’s yucky.)

Anyway, below I thought I'd share a few of the pantry staples I am ALWAYS topping up. These are my everything and without them, I would be a HANgry mess!

Himalayan Pink Salt

Ok, so it seems crazy because everywhere you hear that high sodium is a big no no to a healthy diet. However, if you are like me and you love something savoury, opt for Himalayan Pink Salt over your regular White Table Salt. Benefits include PH balance and alkalinity as well as an increase in hydration and electrolyte balance. Which are all beneficial to big water drinkers!  

Salad Mix

This is a no brainer, I know! You can get it wherever you do your groceries. However, if you can, opt for a market where you can grab your own as plastic wrapping is no good for the environment. Wash and dry it when you arrive at home and keep it in an air tight container ready to grab. 

Mixed Nuts

As long as you’re not covering these in chocolate, salt or sugar they are literally the easiest snacks to pack! If you have a type you love more than others, just buy those. Don’t eat around the ones you don’t like.


By now, you should have picked up on the fact that I like to snack… all day long and these pyjama wearers are full of potassium! Which basically means they help your body regulate movement in and out of cells (stay with me here), because when your cells are working at their prime, your body is balanced and in turn makes it feel pretty good when you wake up in the morning. Bananas are also Low GI, keeping you feeling ‘full’ as they release sugar (the good kind) slowly.

Tip* If all your bananas ripen at once (because they do!) peel them and keep them in a zip look bag in the freezer for smoothies!

Frozen berries

Speaking of smoothies! If you prefer your berries fresh, that’s no problem. I’m usually on the go and this means no mess, no fuss, ready to throw in the blender! They also add a little sweetness and colour to your smoothie of choice. FULL of antioxidants too, which rids nasties out of the body. Plus, they're DELICIOUS! 

Lemons and Limes

We have a lemon tree in the backyard and I didn’t realise until it was cold and didn’t have any lemons how much I used them. Cut them up and pop in your water bottle, or a hot cup of water in the morning, both get your metabolism firing!

TRY: Mixing 2/3 lemon juice with 1/3 olive oil, crushed garlic, himalayan pink salt and cracked pepper for a zesty dressing. (This is a winner at my house, just sayin.’)

Lemons and limes strengthen your immune system, plus they contain a load of vitamin C which produces collagen and gives your skin a healthy appearance! 


My FAVE in the cooler months. And literally the easiest breakfast! Try and grab some steele cut oats, these are the least ‘processed’ kind. And I know, everyone likes theirs differently so I’m not going to tell you how to prep yours. But seriously, so good for breakfast! Keeping you nice and full until lunch (or until snack time). 

Olive oil

I grew up on olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I didn’t know any other salad dressing existed until I started eating out! So naturally this is still a favourite of mine. And now that I like to make my own dressings I still reach for olive oil as the main ingredient. Full of healthy fats too!

Disclaimer* I’m not telling you go deep fry your food now. 


This one is not for everyone. I have met people who don’t enjoy the texture of avocado (weird... I know), however this ‘superfood’ speaks for itself. So full of goodness I could have written this whole post on it. Spread it on your toast, make guacamole, blend into salad dressing, eat it out of the skin. Seriously, if these guys weren’t so expensive I’d eat them for every meal!

Anyway, I hope I’ve made you hungry (in a good way!) Thanks for reading XO

Images: Pinterest; Words: Catalina Vera Vera; Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, what are some of your must have pantry staples?

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