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Easy Ways To Save Some Cash This Year

With half of the year now already gone, how about we use the rest of the year to officially  start saving! Especially if you’ve made it one of your goals to buy a house, travel or stop spending so much of your hard earned coin on double shot lattes! (Because they can really add up ya'll!)

Anyway, we’re not all about being frugal and limiting yourself to life’s little luxuries (like clothes) no way Jose! Life is meant to be enjoyed. However there are a few simple ways you can plan ahead and save a little coin this year. Seriously, planning is key!

Paul Golden, spokesperson for the National Endowment for Financial Education says that those who plan will always fare the best.

“Ideally you want to build up to the benchmark of six to nine months of your annual salary in savings, but for many this amount seems unrealistic. Start with a small, achievable goal like $500 dollars, then set the bar higher. At the very least, save vigorously while paying down and avoiding debt.

This means it's also important to start a savings account, however, we recommend doing your research first to find one with the highest interest rate to suit what you need.

Plus you should always remember to read the fine print and know how much money you can leave in the account, as well as your limits and how often you might be able to withdraw or transfer money. Then you'll be on your way to start saving some real moolah! We’ve also outlined some super, easy ways for you below.

Ditch your daily double shot latte

Did you know that over the course of ten years your daily caffeine habit can add up to over $10,000 that is if you pay an average of $3.50 per cup (and don’t we know that a cup of coffee can actually sometimes cost us more than that!) Anyway, rather than go cold turkey on caffeine you can opt to make your own. Or at least alternate a few days at home with bought per week. Then before you know it, you’ll have saved, saved, saved!

DIY nails

A mani and pedi are one of life’s little luxuries. YES. But combined they can cost upward of $40 a pop. Whereas a bottle of nail polish costs between $10-20. You do the math! Feel uncoordinated? Learn! Or spend some time with your Gf’s and bond/paint your nails at the same time. Two birds, one stone.

Make your own dinner 

Takeout is expensive, and realistically we’re all tired by the end of the day. However if you’re saving money you can either plan ahead and prep a whole bunch of things over the weekend OR learn to make super quick 15-30 minute meals when you get home. There are so many recipes online! Or just make avo toast. 

Be aware of bank fees

Like for real. Some ATM’s can charge up to $3.00 in withdrawal fees if you don’t bank with them. Which might not seem like much, but over time they can add up. Plus add in your $3.50 coffees and your $15 lunch every day and you’re going way over budget/ will probably find it very hard to save for a house.  

Turn roaming off and rely on WiFi when travelling

The number one way to NOT go over your phone bill, whether at home or overseas (especially overseas) is to steal somebody else’s WIFI. It’s the honest truth.  

Work out outdoors, play sports, or go to a friend's gym instead of paying for a gym membership

Stop with the gym memberships everybody who doesn’t go. WHY? Just buy some new active wear (on SALE preferably) and go for a walk instead.

Stop smoking

It’s so expensive…not to mention, super gross.

Keep track of your money with a spreadsheet or Mint.com

If you are psycho about your saving or really have a mega goal in mind then you need to write things down. Track your money in a spreadsheet, or if you’re really lazy find a kicka$$ accountant or financial planner to do it for you.  Websites like mint.com can also help.

Check out Airbnb instead of hotels

If you’re planning on travelling overseas, ditch the hotels. They’re expensive and way 1986. AirBnB is totally easy to use and will work out to be a whole lot cheaper when travelling. Just ensure you check out people’s reviews so you don’t end up staying with a bunch of weirdos. You can also book an entire place for yourself which is the best if you can afford it. Plus if you make your own breakfast before you head out for the day you're likely to save yourself another $30!

Check your bank account daily to make sure there aren't any weird charges

Check on it daily, did you really just spend $500 at Rebel Muse? Haha Oooops maybe we can let that one slide. (Seriously though, this year it's time to take control of our finances!)

 Images: Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, do you have any tips to help us save money?

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