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Everything I Do Wrong

Expectations of who, how and what type of person we should be seem to be getting almost unrealistic these days. From content we read online, see on social media or even just the way we compare ourselves against our colleagues, friends and family, can cause us to be too hard on ourselves.

The reality is you just can't be that person ALL THE GOD DAMN TIME! No one can be! Not Bec Judd or Roxy Jancenko or Rozallia Russian or the female CEO of your company who has three kids, runs marathons and keeps a beautiful home.  We only see the edits of peoples lives, with all the bloopers and bad bits cut out, we see what people want us to see and we have to remember that.

Since starting Rebel Muse, its been very strange for me to now be more in the public eye.  Blogs and publications want to interview me, other women and young girls want advice and people are always so lovingly saying to me "you are doing so well, you are so successful and so young, how do you do it?" If you know me personally or have ever read one of my blog posts before, you will know that I am a fairly positive person. I don't like letting negativity into my life, it's just not my jam. I don't bitch or put other people down, I love supporting other women in business ventures of their own and I love supporting my community. I eat healthy and go to the gym, I'm a great cook (if I do say so myself) and while I am not married and not with child, I do have a partner and two businesses (I know, I know the businesses aren't actually a fair comparison to kids).  

Just typing that above paragraph makes me want to vom in my own mouth...but that's my edit. That's the edit of my life that everyone sees.  

So now, I want to share with you ALL THE THINGS THAT I DO WRONG! The bits that only the people closest to me see. My bloopers reel.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because no one is perfect and we can't always pretend to be perfect and put ourselves down because our life doesn't look like the life of the women we follow on Insta.  

1) I'm messy and definitely can't keep a nice house

Not dirty, I can actually be a bit of a hygiene freak. But I am untidy and messy. Not everything in my house 'has a place'.  If you dig deep into the depths of my makeup draw you will find century old empty mascaras, foundations and empty pill packets that I probably should of thrown away months ago. 

Clothes aren't folded properly in my wardrobe, jackets and shoes can be found sprawled all through the house, over chairs and hidden under tables.  

I can't keep a nice house, I definitely require a cleaner.

2) My nephews think I'm boring 

I have two nephews who are three and five years old. Recently my sister said to them, "why don't you go hang out with your Aunty Lici?".. Ollie, the 5 year old, rolled his eyes and said "all she does is work".  The sad thing is, they are right. When they come to Canberra to visit us it's all fun and games, laughter and lollies. Although I'm the one sitting on my laptop who yells at them when they reach for another lolly "Cuba! You can't have another one, it's so bad for you! Your teeth will fall out!"

3) I have one demerit point left

Speeding, and using my phone while driving...dangerous habits I know! Not to mention how much money I have thrown down the drain in parking fines! All because I don't read street signs properly or lose track of time.

4) I'm a bad friend.

I am awful at replying to messages from friends or catching up with them. Yes I am that friend. I forget birthdays and don't buy birthday or Christmas presents. In my defence and in the words of my three year old nephew Cuba "BUSY!" I know it's no excuse, a message takes like seven seconds to write (I'm a speed typer) ...but I don't.  When we got to a certain age in my family, we kind of stopped giving and receiving birthday and Christmas presents and for some reason I started to assume that that's just how it goes. You get old and the presents stop. So I stopped buying presents for friends. Until I rock up to a party and everyone else is handing over their presents and I'm all like "whaaaaat presents?? Aren't we all getting a little old for that?" *disappears into the background.*

5) My five seater family car is now a two seater.

My car is full of junk! Again, #messy. I am always on the road and running from one appointment to the next.  In my car you will find spare changes of shoes and clothes, the spare heater that we put in Rebel Muse in winter (why it's still sitting in the back of my car, I do not know!), a box of Rebel Muse bags and 28871 half empty water bottles. 

6) I'm loud

If you know me personally then you know this, you know I talk loud - and I laugh louder! But the thing is it's not just the volume of my voice. I seem to just make a huge raucous with everything I do. Seriously, when I am doing the dishes (it's probably not the best time to try and watch a movie.) And I am so heavy footed! If you live in the flat below me, you would assume an Arnold Schwarzenegger like character was living above you - but it's just me! My cousins have also paid me out about how loudly I drink since we were kids, and I even type and put moisturiser on loudly! (Yes that's possible, Jordan comments about it all the time!) I just don't know how to do any of these day to day tasks quietly. 

7)  My patience is dismal, I'm always tired and I snap often (worse if I'm hangry)

My family probably have to deal with this the most. "Why are you late? I've got so much to do and you have kept me waiting around, I'm hungry, lets order so I can go home." That's a real sentence I said to my dad last week #rude. 

8) Bad singer... awful! 

Seriously, cannot hold a tune to save my life.

9) I'm 28 and not clucky... more just selfish

I don't even want to think about kids.  I want to go out for dinner and drinks at a split decision. Just the two of us, I don't want to have to think of anyone else and I don't want to share Jordan.  I don't want to get married anytime soon, I want my body to stay how it is and I want to be able to get at least six hours sleep a night. Eventually one day I will have a family.  But right now I don't wanna! 

10) Bad with spelling and grammar

I rely on dictionary and always have a lot of spelling and grammar errors. I cannot write anything without having it checked over first. But I'm working on it and getting better. 

11)  Can't speak Greek

Despite my dad's efforts and all the years of Greek school, Greek tutors and even being sent to Greece! I still can't say more than the basic greetings. (I try, I really do!)

12) I don't run my business, my business runs me

Werk werk werk werk werk ... although I am working on fixing this too! Trust me! 

So I could probably have gone on and on a fair bit more... but I think that's enough for now. I hope you enjoyed reading my blooper real and I hope it brought a lol to your day!

Images: @alikixyrakis, @peachykeen_au, @rebelmuse_au via Insta; Words: Alicia Xyrakis, Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, what are some of the things you do wrong? Don't be shy now!



This made me LOL indeed – I love this and I love you just the way you are <3


Nov 01, 2016

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