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Five Common Makeup Mistakes

We've all been there: trying to put on makeup when we really have no idea how. But there are easy things we can do to help prep our face and stop us making mistakes; and this week, our favourite Makeup Artist Amelia Singson is teaching us how!


Time and time again, upon hearing that they are unsatisfied with their current foundation, I ask clients what they use on their skin prior to applying their makeup. More often than not, they respond with either ‘nothing’ or ‘umm primer...’. Nothing or primer is probably the reason for most foundation gripes. Skin needs hydration to look its best. If it hasn’t been moisturised, chances are when you put your foundation on, its going to disappear into your skin and become patchy. Here’s why: YO SKIN IS THIRSTY. And because it hasn’t had drink, it’s going to absorb your $80 Armani foundation! A primer isn’t going to cure all your woes either, particularly if its an oil-controlling one. Basically, prepping your skin before any kind of cosmetic is the best primer.


I am a light-handed Makeup Artist, so I have always started with little product and built on that. When it comes to creating a perfect base, I start with applying a small (5c coin sized) dollop of foundation in the centre parts of the face and blending out from there. Most women have unevenness/redness on their cheeks, close to their nose so if you start by softly evening out that area then a lot of the time you find that you didn’t actually need to wear that much makeup (layer upon layer upon layer...) in the first place.


Oh my days… so much anxiety.. LADIES, after you apply mascara please, please, please do not curl your eyelashes! You end up squishing the product, flattening the lash and creating that not-so-hot Jersey Shore look and potentially pulling out lashes when you move the curler away from your eye post-curl. Curl before. Curl clean lashes in two-three places... at the root of the lash, in the middle and the ends for a natural lift. Follow with mascara ;)


Matte everything  is so on trend at the moment and everyone wants a sexy, long wearing, matte lip. Just like your face, you must prep your lips before applying any lip colour! Use a sugar-based lip scrub (I like: MAC Lipscrubtious in Candied Nectar $33) to slough off any flaky skin. Follow with your favourite lip balm and dab off any excess so your lips are hydrated but not greasy. Now you’re ready to rock matte lips for daaaaaaaays!


So by now, most of us have cottoned on to that glorious method of setting and mattifying our faces with copious amounts of translucent powder. For those of us who aren’t yet in the know, baking is a term used by Makeup Artists to describe pressing a dense layer of translucent powder over foundation (under the eyes, around the nose and mouth) and leaving it to set or bake the skin. It is to be dusted off with a brush and then you can continue with the rest of your complexion routine. However, I have found one too many ladies leaving their skin to bake for like… 20 minutes when really you only need about 30secs-1min to bake. The powder just needs time to absorb any leftover moisture from the foundation so it can properly grip onto the skin.

Images: Pinterest; Words: Amelia Singson, Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, are there any other makeup mistakes you know?

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