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Five Mamas With Style To Follow On Instagram

Stylish mamas on Instagram, they’re a thing. Plus they prove a very big point that you needn’t lose your style once you become a mum. Sureeeeee, it will change. Like heels won’t be an everyday occurrence and crops post baby, just might not be your thing anymore. However, there are ways you can keep your wardrobe looking fresh and not daggy. And the mamas below could help provide you all of the inspo! 


The ultimate account for every mama who feels like just because she has banana smeared all over her top and her hair spends more time in a ‘mum bun’ than seeing smoked filled dance floors doesn’t mean that she doesn’t still have style! (It just might have a little more banana smears than ever before). Founded by Marcia Leone, a lifestyle journalist turned marketing and events manager this mama will show you how style can still be a part of your everyday mum life (and what brands to buy!) Her blog also comes jam packed with insightful tiny tidbits into motherhood and since she’s currently pregnant it even shows expectant mamas to be how to style your bump – which is inspo that we always need!



Gisele Bundchen is not only one of the highest paid models in the world but also a mother of four (two of her own, two step kids) which you will undoubtedly think about next time you watch the Victoria’s Secret fashion show (chomping on your snacks while proclaiming that 'she is SO genetically blessed, life is unfair!') Following on from this you could also follow her on Instagram where her account is basically filled with fashion campaigns, super chill looking yoga poses and a teeny glimpse into her loved up family life too. Never forget: she’s a mother of four!



Daughter to one of the chicest women around, Carine Roitfeld, Julia is a model, mother and founder of Romy And The Bunnies “an online destination for a mother determined to retain her sensuality and femininity.” Her account @romyandthebunnies has all the cute mama snaps, fun interviews with other celebs and even provides super easy to follow recipes! So follow that one!



So this account ain’t all about fashion and style but this hilarious mama is hard not to love. Zoe Foster is one of Australia’s most beloved ladies. A journo, and author, a skincare line maker, app creator and mama to one (also currently pregnant with another).  She’s stylish, writes about beauty and LOL worthy captions with super cute pics of her little man. You’re probably all already following her – but just in case you aren’t! She's witty, smart and has killer style to boot!



With a renowned photographer as a mother, the two babes of Cass Bird are super lucky to be curated into an epic Instagram account captured by a true artist. Think fashion shoots / family life all rolled into one. And if you look closely enough you might even see celeb cameos such as that of close friend and model Daria Werbowy. LOVE!



Images: Instagram; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, who are your fave. mamas to follow on Instagram?

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