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How To De-Clutter Your Work Life

We don’t know about you guys but we’re in spring cleaning mode and even though the weather is still in -5-degree mode, our brains are in a world full of florals and warmth.

Which also means it’s that time of year to de-clutter – or at least think about all of the things we need to try and throw out. However, we’re not talking about your wardrobe this time. Nope. This time we de-clutter our work lives. Because isn’t it true that around this time of year they can get messy AF? And there’s nothing worse than running full speed ahead into the craziness that is Christmas only to realise that you have a shizload to do and not enough hours in the day… if only you were organised a little earlier hmmm….

So below are a few things you can do to de-clutter your work life and get yourself in a fresh new zone for spring.

File, file, file.

Filing… yaaaaaawn! How boring right? But just think about how much time you’ll save if everything is organised and in its rightful place – the way it’s supposed to be. Especially come tax time next year. (Was this year’s tax time another living hell? Think about it.) Throw out anything that’s been lying on your desk taking up space and file everything else according to its priority. It’ll save you so much time.

Devote a little time to your email

Do you currently wake up every morning and get heart palpitations at the 100's of unread emails sitting in your inbox? If you’re the type of person to leave these unchecked come December it all could get out of hand (and your stress levels could go with.) Devoting a little time to your emails might seem a little mundane but it’s a task that’ll leave you feeling refreshed. Like you’ve just cleaned and re-organised your room! Created folders, delete folders and ensure those VIP emails don’t go MIA. Trust us, this will feel like a dream.

Re-style your workspace

The same way we like to re-style our living, or bedroom areas each season we could be doing the same thing with our workspace. Buy new stationery. Change the colours, revamp your photos or switch up your accessories. It’ll feel like a brand new home.

Organise your work bag

Do you use the same bag for work every day? Does it end up filled with a whole heap of junk and things you didn’t even know were yours? If this sounds like you then tis’ time to start de-cluttering that overused bag of yours asap! Streamline everything. Keep only stuff you actually use and think of essentials like pens, water, notebook – things that will only be useful for you when you really need them. It’ll equal so much less anxiety.

Start and end of year to-do list

So it’s only the end of July. But realistically this means it's almost the start of August, which means that September will be here before we know it, followed by November, then BAM Christmas will be here along with the start of a whole new year. SO maybe making monthly to do lists could work for you? Prioritise tasks of importance, how much work they require and how long they might take you to accomplish. We promise this will help you reach your end of year goals before it’s too late. Remember it’s never too early!

Images: Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, how do you de-clutter your work life? 

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