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How To Dress For Your Body Shape

Whether you’re curvy, petite, full figured or boy shaped learning to dress for your body is an art (and honestly, it’s not something we can always get right.)

It’s unfair really, how a dress that looks killer on your long legged BFF looks like a potato sack on you. Or perhaps your BFF would love to wear her ski high heels with her mini although can only wear them with flats, (while you can wear heels with anything/everything!)

Whatever the item of clothing, tis’ a sad truth that we can’t wear it all. So whether you already know what suits you, or maybe you need a helping hand, we thought we’d put together a few items of clothing for each body shape, to help you navigate your way through the shopping world.



When you’re petite, avoiding overly busy prints and crazy embellishments is the way to go. Anything too crazy and loud will detract from your tiny frame. Mixing solid colours works, as will all things that are sleek and chic. Wearing a whole bunch of layers is a no, although adding subtle details to your look using delicate fabrics will work.

Try: mini skirts, cut out fitted dresses, cropped bomber jackets, small ruffled tops, shift dresses.  



Split skirt, Nobody Denim - $149.00


Draping fabrics are your jam, as are close to the body cuts. Opting for boxy shapes or sack like designs won’t flatter you, so look for pieces that are a little more tailored and skim your body while also giving definition. Wrapping/twisting materials will also be your BFF’s. And either opt for solid colours or monochromatic prints for the ultimate jaw dropping vibes.

Try: A line skirts, boot cut pants, embellished tops, structured jackets and maxi dresses.



Irresistible dress, Alice McCall - $390.00

Langford Dress, Acler - $250.00 (ON SALE)


Enhance definition and play magic tricks on the eyes. That’s what you need to do babe and the key to doing that is by focusing on creating a waist. This will also give you the illusion of a bigger bust (if that floats your boat?) Anyway, enhancing your waist basically is the key to creating womanly curves and definition. Peplums and puffy pieces will give your body shape a feminine flair. So go for anything with ruffles, pleats or beading. You can also embrace bold patterns, florals, stripes and everything else in between. So run wild and free!

Try: jumpsuits, ruffled dresses, flowy or peplum tops, high waisted pants, high waisted flare skirts.



Love myself blouse, Alice McCall - $240.00


If you are a curvy lady with sexy waist you need to show it off and wearing feminine clothes is totally the way to go! Go for A-line shapes if you’d like to downplay your bottom half and choose structured/tailored pieces to keep things chic. Alternatively, to accentuate your waist go for fitting skirts or dresses that cut in at the waist, this will be super flattering and will forever do nothing but show love for your womanly figure. Colour blocking will suit you to a tee too, as will thigh high splits on long gowns – espesh. for you long legged ladies! 

Try: belted jackets, pencil skirts, crop tops, wide leg pants with belted waists and wrap dresses.


Maiko cross back dress, Third Form  - $259.00

Rip tide trouser, Third Form - $229.00

Images: Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, do you find it hard to dress for your body shape? What are your go-to pieces?

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