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How To Organise Your Wardrobe In Five Steps

How annoying is it having an unorganised wardrobe? Yeah, we know #firstworldproblem, but it does make life just that little more difficult in the morning when we’re trying to find that white top from three months ago we were obsessed with and now have no idea where it’s gone.  

Hence why if our wardrobes were much cleaner/organised we would be more likely to find our things (like a mum always says!)

So ask yourself honestly… how organised is your wardrobe?

We organise everything else in our day to day so why not take our organisation skills up a notch and use them on our wardrobes to improve the life of it as well. Trust us, a clean, well organised wardrobe will help you pull together better outfits, make your head feel much more Zen and it could even inspire you to improve it with items that you really, truly cross your heart need.

Which is why we’ve pulled together five simple steps to help you do just that.


Set time aside (to throw stuff out!)
In order to organise your wardobe it’s vital you get rid of stuff you don’t wear/need. Some people recommend taking time to throw everything out of your wardrobe into one pile and starting from scratch (although we think that might be a lot of work). So you could do this, but it might actually be easier to work in sections. Tops, jeans, shoes etc…set some time aside, grab your boxes and sort your clothing into three piles. Keep, maybe and chuck.  

Your maybe clothes
Maybe clothes are hard to deal with. Normally, these are the clothes that we’re too attached to say goodbye to… even though we never wear them. So when organising your wardrobe you need to take your beloved pile of ‘maybe’ clothes and pop them all in a box. Yep, pop them all away out of sight, out of mind and don’t hang them back in your wardrobe. Instead leave the space in your wardrobe free of them. Then revisit your maybe clothes in 6 months time - did you really miss them? Did you really want to wear them? Do you still have that weird attachment to them?  

Ask yourself three simple questions
All of the clothes in your wardrobe should bring you joy/make your life easy in the morning (easier said than done right?) Which is why when you're placing all of your precious items of joy safely back into their home you should technically make time to wear them. And asking yourself these three simples questions while organising your wardrobe will be sure to help:

  • Have I worn this in the last two years?
  • Would I buy this item today?
  • Does it fit me properly? 

Ps. If it’s two sizes too big or too small it might be time to get rid of it.

Call in a stylist
You know, these days you can hire somebody to help you with anything. (Although why nobody delivers ice cream when we truly, really need it we’ll never know). Anyway, there are so many stylists out there who know their shiz, clothes are their life and if organisation isn’t your strong point then it can save you SO much valuable time to just pay a professional to help you do the work instead. You’ll probably pick up a heap of tips and tricks while you’re at it too.

Get OCD!
So you’ve chosen your favourite clothes, your wardrobe space feels fresh, minimalistic and you know your outfits will be much easier to plan in the morning. Although you know what? You can still make things easier for yourself. Especially if you can get into more of an OCD frame of mind. How? Well, you could colour code ALL of your clothes. Hang your tops from lightest to darkest, jeans and pants can be best organised this way too. THEN, divide your dresses into lengths… but don’t stop there, because you could even organise them into season/day/night. Once that’s all done, (if it’s possible) you need to pull your bags/shoes out where you can see them (colour coded organised by style too – obvs.) and if you have the room you should hang all of your shorts/skirts instead of folding them too. COLOUR CODED.

And that lady friends is how to organise your wardrobe to levels that reach OCD heaven - follow these steps and you might even have time for a second coffee in the morning. 

Images: Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, how do you organise your wardrobe? Is it organised?

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