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How To: Self Care In Ten Minutes Flat

We all know we need to make some time for ourselves, our body, our mind etc… but realistically sometimes we just don’t have the time.

You know what we mean. It’s those periods in our lives when it feels like our diary is exploding, stress is just a part of our every day, and our to-do list just won’t seem to quit.  


Trying to prioritise yourself above other things though, is more than important it’s vital. SO even though we may feel that dreaded feeling of guilt creeping up at us when we do carve out some precious time for ourselves we need to learn to let it go. Because it’s total BS!

Plus, realistically it’s not like we need to go on a ten day wellness meditation retreat to get our mojo back (although wouldn’t that be nice) sometimes, when time is an issue 10 minutes is really all we need.

Like who doesn’t have ten minutes? Ten minutes is doable. Totally achievable. And when your life feels like a never ending see saw of things to do keeping ten minutes for you to breathe (I.e ignore your duties) will really feel like just what you need.

Face mask, face mask, face mask

You know how putting on a face mask can make you feel like you’ve got your shiz together? Well it can. Pop one on, scroll through your insta and breathe. Seeeee ME time sorted.


There are yoga apps now that will provide you with ten minute sequences (and sometimes even five minute sequences) to do on your living room floor. There’s no excuse with this one. We love Asana Rebel – plus, it’s free!

Call a girlfriend

So yes, not everybody loves chatting on the phone but if you haven’t had time to catch up with a bestie in what seems like forever a quick chat on the phone could be the refresher you need. You know how those girly convos just seem to make everything better sometimes? Girls just get it.

Be selfish

Do one thing that makes you happy. Not because you have to, but because you want to. (Like maybe taking a nap).

Turn off all devices and be still

It’s only ten minutes you guys. Switching off all electronics and disconnecting from the real world is totally doable.

Give your body a massage 

This is way less woo woo than it sounds. Dry body brush before your shower. When using a face oil at night spend an extra few minutes massaging your face. (Or if your partner’s up for it, ask them for a quick massage instead.)

Get outside

A quick ten minute walk around the block will do wonders for your mind. Plus, there’s nothing worse than being stuck inside working all day.

Ask for help

And if you’re plate is really full there’s nothing better than doing the unthinkable and reaching out for help. That way you can totally relax and maybe even take more than ten minutes for yourself. The ultimate bliss!

Images: Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, what else do you think you could do in ten minutes for the ultimate self care?

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