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How To Shop A Sale (And Our Fave Mark Down Items!)

It’s SALE TIME at Rebel Muse (and everywhere else if you’ve been on the hunt for some stuff lately.) Anyway, whether online or in store it’s safe to say we all love saving money. Nothing is worse than buying something full price than waltzing on by a shop window a couple of weeks later only to realise that you could’ve saved yourself a couple of hundred dollars - and didn’t.

But we can deal, we’re chill, this scenario happens to the best of us and in the grand scheme of things you probably can’t really be sure that your size would have been available during the SALE anyway – so you basically come out on top. Just think of it that way.

Anyway, where we do tend to stumble on some shopping probs. is usually when we head out to shop during a sale, get confused/overwhelmed and consequently buy a bunch of stuff we don’t really need. Because sale stuff can make us lose our minds right? With so many options, it can be hard to think clearly. Which is where we’ve come in to help!

Below we've put together a few tips to help you shop during sale time.

Basics are everything
Here at RM we’re of the mantra that basics are everything. You can never have too many and we bet your most recent purchase will most likely be your current favourite/the one you wear all the time. Which is why it pays to rotate them often. And during a sale is the perfect time to refresh your stash. 

Sizing matters
We all know that sale time means limited sizes are available. Which is why when you're shopping you have to be honest when you ask yourself - does it really fit? If the answer is no, then can you get it tailored? Buying a size up can work although if you’re hooked on an item that’s too small, but will 'probably' fit you when you ‘lose the weight…’ ummmmm maybe that should be a no too. 

Let go of trends
The sad reality is that trends come and go so look for sale items that you can either wear the season ahead or will still work the following year. Honestly, will you still love what was on trend at the beginning of the season in a few months time?

Invest in statement pieces and luxe items
A sale is the time to invest in statement pieces and luxe items. So big purchase items like winter coats and leather here you come! Seriously if an item can be worked with five things already in your wardrobe swipe that credit card - stat. (Try: Hendrix Leather Legging, Oxblood by Alume - $690.00.)

Don’t buy for the sake of buying
Cute, another pair of nude heels very similar to ones you already own are on sale...although do you really need them? Or maybe you’ve been on the hunt for some new points for work and you’ve found some on sale that are ok, but not really perfect…but you buy them anyway because they're cheap and you're saving money. These should all be a NO. Back away and instead invest in full price goodies that you'll actually love.

Check the refund policy
Change your mind on a sale item? Are you buying for someone else? Check the refund policy. Most of the time you’ll find that sale items are non-refundable although it always pays to ask!

Now for the fun part. It's time to SHOP... And don’t forget we also have a further 20% off sale stock with our discount code EXTRA20%!


Polo Anorak by Macgraw - $445.00 AUD (normally $575.00) 
Poppy Knit Jacket by Steele - $179.00 AUD (normally $289.00)
Waiting for Oversized Coat by May The Label - $175.00 AUD (normally $249.00)
Inside Out Cape by Alice McCall - $250.00 AUD (normally $390.00)

Valentine Flare by Nobody Denim - $190.00 AUD (normally $229.00)

Clementine Dress by Single White Female - $180.00 AUD (normally $269.00)

Origami Pants by August St - $110.00 AUD (normally $139.95)

Hendrix Leather Legging, Oxblood by Alume - $690.00 AUD (normally $990.00)

Images: Rebel Muse, Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us have you brought anything from our sale? What are your fave pieces?

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