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How To Style A Slip Dress

Slip dresses aren’t going anywhere. However do you feel like they might be a little hard to pull off? They are the king of boudoir dressing after all! So if the thought of potentially wearing something that looks like nightwear out in the middle of the day scares you, never fear. Because a slip dress in the middle of the day need not look like nightwear at all.

You see slip dresses walk a tightrope between casual and elegant, and if you know how to work one into your wardrobe they can actually be quite versatile. Plus they can easily be taken from day through to evening. While Autumn is the perfect time to embrace one for layering.

So how can we make a slip dress look chic and remove that ‘OMG I've just stepped out of a boudoir film,’ feeling? We’re chatting through a few simple styling options below.

Layer over a T. Shirt

Hands down the easiest way to keep your slip dress PG rated for daytime use. Plus it exudes 90’s feels, which is an era that is everywhere at the moment. Opt for a basic colour tee in a white, black or grey, depending on the style of your dress, to make it stand out. A base layer will also help keep your silky straps in place.

Try: Posie Silk Dress - $249.00


Style with long sleeves or even a jumper!

Seeing as the weather is starting to cool down, layering under a t.shirt may not always be an option. Try popping on a knitted jumper or a long sleeve blouse instead. Just remember the neckline of your slip dress should be low, so it doesn't end up looking and feeling too bulky up top.

Try: Satin Fine Line Cami Dress, Dion Lee (avail. navy and red) - $590.00

Layer over leggings or wear with boots

Leggings can make a slip dress super chic for a daytime event. Ditto for a night time soiree when worn with heels.

 Try: Bowery Slip Dress, Camilla and Marc - $590.00

Flats will keep things casual

A slip dress is super sexy, and we may not always want to layer under a million other things, so to keep things super sleek and simple wear with flats. Sneakers will also keep things really casual but to make your look a little more fun, don with a pair of 'oh’ so hot right now', mules.

 Try: Lennox Slip Dress, MLM - $140.00 (ON SALE)


Wear with a longline cardi 

Yep, like the ones your nana wears, but funkier. Everybody's doing it.


Images: Pinterest, Who What Wear; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, what are your favourite ways to wear and style a slip dress? 

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