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How To Wash Wool

Woollen items always look so cozy and warm hanging in the stores through winter don’t they? And without pilling/looking all new we’re very likely to buy them.

It’s normally when we take them home once we’ve purchased them that we realised, ‘oh no…sh!t this item needs more TLC than I initially thought.’

You see if you’re going to invest in wool, you’re going to also have to invest a little time in looking after your woollen item too. Kind of how you invest in your clothes that require dry cleaning (but with probably a little more work on your part. Otherwise it is likely to get ruined and fall apart.)

Anyway, despite it’s hard work, wool is actually one of the best investments you could make for your winter wardrobe – plus, it actually keeps you warm. It’s a hard wearing fabric with natural breathability you just need to look after it a little when it comes to washing, to keep it looking its best. Which is why we’ve outlined a few easy steps on just how to do that for you below. 


It sounds stupid, and plainly obvious but the first step to looking after your woollen items is to read the garment instructions on the inside. Not all products are 100% wool, some may be ok through a gentle wash, while others will need to be hand washed only.

Normally hand washing or a gentle machine wash is the best way to go with wool.


Start by filling up a bucket of water with a little washing detergent and letting your item soak for around ten minutes. You should follow this with a rinse of warm water. Your item of clothing is likely to come out soaked so to squeeze out any excess moisture roll it up in a towel and squeeze it dry. Then lay it out to dry – flat!


This one’s pretty simple, all you have to do is ensure your washing machine’s settings are on ‘gentle’ or the setting marked for wool and ta da! That’s pretty much it. Just make sure that after washing you gently shake and reshape your item of clothing otherwise it’s likely to dry in a weird shape and cause it to look all lumpy and strange. Especially when you’re wearing it.


The dreaded pilling!

So some wool is more prone to pilling than others, but it’s still hella annoying. Not to mention pilling tends to age your clothes quicker than anything else. Washing your clothes inside out will help with pilling or you can invest in one of those rolling sticky de-piller things and go to town on that dreaded pilling in the sun – something that is also weirdly satisfying.

Buy hangers specifically designed for wool!

Folding is the best option for woollen items although if you’re a hanging type of gal buy special hangers specifically designed for wool. Wool tends to bend out of shape so if you’re not going to be wearing your items for a little while these will help keep it looking chic.

Holes need attending to – stat!

If you get a hole in anything woollen you need to attend to it right away. No F’ing around because without fixing it’ll definitely get bigger. Take it to a tailor for a professional treatment if you’re not sure how to sew or fix it. However you have to remember holes in wool are an emergency. So RUN! 

Images: Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, how do you look after your woollen clothes?  

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