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How To Wear And Look After Silk This Spring

Silk is going to be a hot item as the weather warms up (figuratively and literally speaking because it can be quite a hot fabric to wear). Anyway, for the past few seasons you may have seen a few pieces of lingerie-esque type clothing waltzing down the catwalk. Like hellooooo, did you just stumble out of bed?

Although now it's official the boudoir look is here to stay. Think pyjama looks – but made for real life. They're wearable, not sexy and can range from anything like silk camis, dresses, shirts, pants, robes and even whole ensembles for the brave and mega stylish (super hard to pull off so please be careful).

Anyway with the warm weather on the horizon we have a bunch of new beautiful silk pieces about to land in store. Third Form, MLM, Hansen & Gretel, Acler, Steele are all over this trend and we are so obsessively excited to show you too. But before you run out the door in your boudair-esque silk ensemble more reserved for the bedroom than public we thought we'd chat to you a little more about silk, ways to look after the fabric and how to wear it this season – because it can take a few tips and tricks before it's mastered.

SILK 101

Silk is a fabric made by a silk worm and the fibre is how that fabric is constructed. That's why you can notice the difference between a whole bunch of different silks (I.e raw silk, silk satin, chiffon etc...) because the finished product depends on the way it was woven. It has a natural sheen as light passes through it which is what man-made fakes like “satin or sateen” attempt to re-create although you should be able to tell the difference.

Silk is expensive, although for the real deal it pays to invest. It's more durable than the fakes (when looked after properly) and will look better when worn too. (You've seen those shiny fakes? Gross.) Because of its natural protein structure silk is also the most hypoallergenic.

It can however be haaawt! Although this is also debatable. The fakes are hot so if you are a sweaty betty then you should steer clear. But real silk, is actually an all-climate type of fabric and can keep you warm in winter and can cool in summer. It repels water though, rather than absorbing it, so it can get moist. You probably wouldn't want to wear silk on a 36 degree day #justsayin'. It is high maintenance too, and must always be dry-cleaned. Always! So be prepared to go the extra mile to look after your silky investment to keep it looking its best.

The fabric Cupro as a silk option works amazingly too! A couple of our silk look dresses are Cupro which is a beautiful soft fabric made from a part of the cotton plant. It’s a little easier to look after than silk and still breathable as it’s a natural fabric.

Now onto the fun part... How do you wear it?

Silk is so thin! Making it perfect for layering under anything and everything. Transeasonal dressing at it's best.

Looser fits
Silk is prone to stretching and once it stretches it can be hard to get back into shape (if ever). Looser fits work better with this trend anyway so go for them!

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Plunging necklines
Plunging necklines oooze sex appeal in an otherwise all covered up look and silk cami's are the best way to do this. Be careful not to go too OTT and show the world what your mama gave you though – you know what we mean?

Silk on silk!
Silk is one of those fabrics that can look fab head to toe in the same colour/pattern. Relaxed fits a must. Patterns for the brave fashion gals. obvs. 

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Heels, heels, heels
The thing with wearing silk outside of the bedroom is that you don't want it to look like you're wearing silk outside of the bedroom. You want it to look stylin' and on trend. Heels or boots will help you elevate the look especially at night.

Images: Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, would you wear silk this spring?

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