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How To Wear Winter Greys

We all know that winter goes hand in hand with black. Fact. However, every season it also seems to do a little dance with its close BFF, the colour grey. 

You see every winter grey is everywhere, and when it comes to clothing, grey is one of the best hues to work into your wardrobe as a neutral. And yes, neutrals (to some) might be yawn worthy, however for a corporate 9-5, those morning’s when you don’t have time to put together an ensemble, or even when you’re just in the mood to switch it up from black, grey is a handy go-to.

Although how do you wear it?

Sure, you can just pop something grey on and be on your merry way, however did you know there are different shades of greys for different skin tones and some greys should be paired with different coloured depending on their hues? Sheeeesh. It can be a bit of a minefield (but not a hard minefield and one that is easily conquered). 

SO thanks to the versatility of grey, its ability to work with different colours, prints and even its ability to work for a variety of occasions. Today we’d like to do a handy shout out to its amazingness. Because grey is the ultimate for a softer look than black and comes possessed with the ability to work as a neutral. What a colour!

But first let’s choose the best grey for our skin tone:

Cool Tones

If you are a babe with cool undertones (those with skin that has pink, red or blue undertones), then you, my dear are in luck! And will be able to wear practically any shade of grey under the sun (or the clouds since we are talking about winter).

Warm Tones

If you are a babe with warm undertones (your skin is more peachy, gold) then you need to make sure that when wearing grey, the tone you choose doesn’t wash you out. You could do this by opting to wear greys on your bottom half only, or if you are wearing a grey up top maybe go for a darker hue and pop outside in some natural sunlight to make sure it works with your bronzed goddess-ey skin!

Now onto the different hues… 

Light greys

If you’re set on wearing a light grey make it work for you by pairing with darker colours. Even jewel tones like emerald, royal blue, ruby (which all make a resurgence every winter) work magically with anything light grey. Light grey alone can be a bit yawn worthy which is why making it pop with a dark colour or jewel tone will always make it work.

Dark greys

To help balance out your outfit dark greys will work best when paired with lighter less intense colours. Think pastels: pinks, peaches, blues as well as neutrals like beige or white. Pairing with these colours will ensure your dark grey outfit doesn’t go gloomy and un-noticed. Think also nude heels, and accessories - which will keep your ensemble looking oh so very chic!

(And don't forget about bold prints and patterns, these will always work with almost any shade of grey!)

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Images: Rebel Muse, Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, what's your favourite way to wear grey?

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