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How To Work Smarter, Not Harder

'There aren’t enough hours in the day!' This is a statement that gets thrown around a lot, but have you ever wondered that maybe there are enough hours in the day and we’re just not using our hours efficiently? Think about it, how many phone breaks did you have this morning while you were attempting to follow through on your most important task? And did you really need to take half an hour to decide what to wear?

Realistically, eight hours in a day is a pretty long time. Which is why we thought we’d pop together a few things that help us work smarter not harder during our 9-5 and hopefully they help you too! 

Focus on the most important
So you know that overwhelming feeling we tend to get when there’s too much to do and have no idea where to begin? Well, it’s usually because there’s too much to do and realistically no time to do it. SO instead we should all take some time out and focus on the most important thing and cut out all the rest. This isn’t to say that we’ll never do all the rest, but that it’ll just get done at a later date. Focus on the most important thing (which could also be the hardest thing) and work down.

Cut out distractions
Remember back in the stone age when we didn’t have a phone, or internet distractions? No? Neither do we. Probably because we were sitting somewhere getting way more done than we do now. When you have a looming deadline on the horizon or a job that requires your full concentration, we recommend turning off your phone, turning off the internet and ignoring all your emails. We know, we know... this sounds super crazy but the best way to focus on a task properly (and get it done quickly) is by doing this. Plus, once you’re done you’ll feel less stressed, less anxious and way more productive. 

Time block
A to do list is important, but what’s more important is scheduling time in, for all the things you need to do, based on importance - which is where time blocking comes in. In fact, time blocking your tasks each day can be a game changer for not only your business, but personal life too. Do you waste a bunch of time in the morning putting on makeup? Or fumbling around making breakfast? Time block that shiz and get your time back. With time blocking you do one thing for the amount of time of your choice - which will save so many hours of your day! Ps. We’re obsessed with these cute time blocking cubes.

Plan ahead
Start your day with a game plan most preferably done the night before and you’ll feel so much better the morning after when you're trying to get stuff done. Use a work diary or a weekly desk planner and write down everything you want to achieve. Seriously. Planning ahead will totally make you feel like you have your shiz together. Try it. 

Take breaks
As important as it is to focus on your work, it’s probably just as important to take a break from your work too. And when we say ‘take breaks’ we mean completely taking breaks, no emails, no phone playing – you need to switch off completely. Getting some fresh air, going for a walk or doing a little exercise can do wonders for your productivity (not to mention your energy levels). Plus, when you return, your brain will be so much more efficient.

Images: Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, what are some of your 'work smarter, not harder' time saving tips?


Renèe Rodrigues :

Great read ! So true modern day distractions like the phone ? thank you ladies much love www.beautealchemy.com xx

Nov 14, 2016

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