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How To Work With Your Partner

Working with your partner can either make or break your relationship. Actually, if you've been together for a while you might even be able to identify whether the two of you could possibly get together to make a professional relationship work, or if you already know that you'd most likely kill each other instead. However if you haven't been together for a long time it does take a little bit of consideration before combining forces in an entrepreneurial endeavour.

Because honestly, working with your partner can bring with it oh' so many benefits, but if you clash? Then the ramifications could be less than ideal, not to mention what your bank account could look like after a split (dear God) which is why it's important that you nut out a strategy before you become business partners.

So could you work with your other half? Let's chat about it below.

This is SO important because there's nothing worse than sitting down at the dinner table with your partner and doing nothing else but talk 'work,work,work....' #yaaaaaawn. Of course learning to separate home and work at the beginning of your partnership will be easier said than done, especially considering how excited at the prospect of working together you both might be and before nothing goes wrong – but stop. Set boundaries, work is work and your relationship is important to. This will get easier with time.

Starting a business with your partner is kind of like making a baby. You don't just jump into it without talking it over/thinking it through and perhaps asking yourselves if you're really ready to say goodbye to your social lives? Hmmmm. It's going to take a lot of work. Ask any entrepreneur whether they work 9-5 and they will most likely LOL in your face. (Just like if you ask any parent how much work it takes to raise a baby and they'll either miss your call, be asleep, forget...or you could ask them again when they're 70 and have some free time). Anyway, starting a business/getting it off the ground is likely be a 24/7 gig. Love birds, be prepared. 

TRUST. OMG there's that big word that every relationship needs to conquer, although if you don't trust each other wholly and completely then NO combining forces and starting a business is definitely not for you. Not only is trust essential in your romantic lives but when you're dealing with money, accounts and how the heck you're both going to make a living then you need it more than ever. Plus, if you are a control Type A personality you need to learn to let it gooooo. Let it goooooo and trust. Also; respect is essential throughout the whole process too. Aretha Franklin was onto something there.

How romantic does scheduling in date nights sound? Not very huh. But honestly, if that's what needs to be done then that's what needs to be done. Without keeping the spark alive in your relationship you could end up being two co-workers who just live together – eeeek. Imagine that being made into a romantic comedy huh. Nobody would watch it. In fact, people would probably leave the cinema (if people still watch stuff at the cinema?) Anyway, what we're trying to get at is that without beautiful romantic-ness one of you could end up leaving and that's not what starting a business was created for. Make time for your boo.

Now obviously when you launch a business, money could be tight, so the possibility of hiring staff to jump aboard might not be feasible. Although if it is, then we totally think you should do it! You and your partner know each other so well that having another perspective could save you both from any “I'm right! You're wrong!” type of scenarios (although honestly, we know a lady is always right) ...#gotchabackguuuuurl.

Images: Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, have you worked with your partner before? Would/could you?

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