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How Your Style Changes Post Birth

I remember popping on a crop top with a pair of jeans post birth. A staple I wore all summer long the previous summer (the one where I wasn’t hormonal and heavily pregnant). I didn’t even think that a crop top would feel inappropriate until I looked in the mirror post baby and realised – “I can’t wear this anymore. Seriously, I look like I’m 12 and it doesn’t go with a pram. Or a baby. Or my new life. Who the F am I?”

Actually trying to figure out who the F you are post baby is a whole other topic in itself but for the purposes of keeping this short (places to be, people to see) let’s just chat about our wardrobes. More so what happens to your wardrobe and your clothes after you give birth.

You see, even if your clothes still fit post birth. Your new life probably won’t go with your six inch heels (and in my case a gazillion crop tops). It just won’t.

What your wardrobe will need post birth are:

  • Tops that you can whip your boobs out of at lightning speed, (while still somehow staying discreet... trust me very hard to find)
  • Clothes that you can just chuck in the washing machine/are easily cleaned and don’t require hand washing/dry cleaning or any type of extra work (because you won’t have time/seriously won’t GAF),
  • Stretchy yoga pants because honestly the first year you’re pretty much housebound (feeding your baby in your boob friendly but somehow discreet very hard to find tops) and
  • Flats, flats, flats, because comfort!

And that’s pretty much it.

Eventually you will get out of that weird newborn baby haze where most of your clothes are filled with spew, milk stains and your yoga pants have been worn so much they need to be replaced…but what I’m experiencing now as I try to navigate creating a fun toddler friendly wardrobe is that many of my post birth staples are still worn on high rotation and more than anything comfort is ALWAYS key.

SO the moral of this story is if you are thinking of having a baby or becoming a mum stop buying freakin’ clothes! (Says me who buys something new every week HA).

Seriously though most of the time the reality of #mumlife = food smooshed all over your things. (And when this is coupled with lack of sleep and/or no time to yourself it's really hard to find F's to give for the wardrobe department in your life...well, at least for the fun and fancy things).

Since having a baby I haven’t been to a dry cleaner in over a year, the word silk just isn’t part of my vocabulary anymore and you know what? Even clothes that require ironing are out of the equation. (Although ultimate hack: if something does require ironing I just chuck it in the dryer...or I get my husband to iron it.)

On the other hand, items of clothing that ARE part of my equation now and that I would highly recommend include:

  • Basics OMG so many basics (especially black basics to hide the banana stains),
  • Superga sneakers that go with anything and everything,
  • Active wear because I luckily work from home and also because I literally spend half my day playing in the dirt with rocks and running after a toddler (P.E Nation kills it in the active wear stakes keeping you comfy while also semi making it look like you are putting in effort)
  • Stretchy jeans/drop crotch jeans/pants...actually stretchy anything - remember comfort is key.

and I think that’s it for every day.

"But what about going out outfits!" you say? Because you know what? They're a whole other ballpark!

A ballpark that can leave you feeling old and very time warped when you realise that since you haven't been out in so long your ‘on trend’ items of clothing aren’t really that ‘on trend’ anymore HA. Plus it will really have your feet questioning what the hell your doing to them when you pop on a pair of heels for the first time in months...

But that’s a story for another day. 

Images: Yadira Galarza Cauchi, Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, did your style change post baby?

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