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June Faves

Sup sup sup sup everyone. I know what you’re going to say “Acacia where have you beeeeen? Where dem blog posts at? You alive?” Well look guys, the answer is I’ve been right here and I’m a terribly lazy person okay, also yes, I am super alive. Please forgive me and my absence on the RM blog because I’m back to hit you (gently) with a list of some miscellaneous stuff I’ve been enjoying this month, and I think you will enjoy checking out for the month ahead. Hop in and let’s go yo! 


Bassike Slouch Jersey Pant

Okay I don’t think there has been a day since I bought these that I haven’t worn them. I’m talking like, I literally never take them off. Like I go to bed in them and continue to wear them the next day. Yep.. Bassike are an Aussie label committed to sustainable manufacturing, and these pants are also designed and made in Australia! How good is that, the quality is 10/10. Trust me you need these pants for sleeps and for fashun dahling.

Available in store at Rebel Muse - Were $140
Now on sale - $90


The Ordinary Skincare

I got a deep love for skincare. I came across this brand through Taylor who is my partner in crime on Thursdays at Rebel Muse. She told me about this brand, how amazing it was and that they were coming to the beauty precinct in the Canberra Centre. I said “Taylor, I trust you with my life and I’m going to buy some of this miracle skin food”. She said “Okay”. And that was that. Off I went to #treatmyself and upon a quick browse I realised that each product has an overwhelming amount of scientific words, percentages and ingredients that I had never even heard of before. It was that moment where I realised I was in over my head, this was some serious shit and I had absolutely no idea what the fuck I was looking for. Luckily the lady at the counter helped me out and I left with 3 serums and a moisturiser full of scientific skin goodness. Did I mention that IT’S SO AFFORDABLE???!!!! Seriously some serums are like $12. SoOoOoo worth it. Look I’m not going to go into full detail about each product I have because we’d be here all day and tbh I still can’t comprehend all the benefits of this magical stuff. But seriously pay yourself a visit to the counter in the Canberra Centre, help them help you with your skin!



Snow – Angus & Julia Stone

Music for the soooouuuuul. This music just fills that void right when you need it. I have been a lover of Angus and Julz for the longest of times and I recently went to watch them at the UC refectory when they came to Canberra earlier this month. You know how you see artists perform live and it just makes you love their music more? Yeah, that was me. I listened to this album maybe once through when it was released, but after watching them live I can’t stop playing it. I feel like it’s the perfect music for when it’s either sunny and beautiful, or cold and miserable and you’re all snuggled up in bed. Just let their dreamy voices take you away to a place of warm fuzzy feels. My personal favourite track is Nothing Else. Have a listen when you have some time to yourself, let it play in the background, have some tea and just relax.




Hale Gym + Spa

For Christmas I was bestowed the blessing of a gift voucher for the Hale Gym + Spa. Like any woman, I was absolutely thrilled to get some “me time” and have a “self-care day” as they say. Obvi I wanted to use this towards a treatment for my face, because I reiterate, I have a deep love for skin care. So, I chose to do the Signature Facial and let me tell you this, my skin felt like that of a baby’s bum. When I got there, I was directed to the changing facilities and supplied with my own locker, fuzzy robe and comfy slippers. Made me feel like I was actually somebody important who can afford to do this every week. One can dream. Anyway, my lovely therapist assessed my face and did the treatment according to my skin’s needs. It was amazing. Afterwards I got to chill out with a nice cup of tea by the fire inside a fancy room rugged up in my fuzzy robe (wow how many F words can I fit into a description, jeez Acacia) and pretend that I actually didn’t have real people problems outside of this haven lol. The moral of the story is I booked another facial in a couple weeks time and I can’t freaking WAIT.


DOS Emporium

Us girls at RM have been so excited for our friends and old neighbourinos on Lonsdale Street, Designer Op Shop and the opening of their new Emporium store! If you’ve never shopped with the girls there, you are seriously missing out. Dynamic mother daughter duo Taylor and Sharon carefully handpick each item that comes through the door with items ranging from vintage clothing and shoes to interiors and artworks, everything perfectly fitting their Modern x Vintage motif. They have such an eye for this kind of stuff, it kind of makes you sad that you can’t put this stuff together and make it look as good yourself haha! The new space is so beautiful, SO BEAUTIFUL and better yet the girls have collaborated with other small businesses/ brands of Canberra to be vendors such as Royalla Haus, The Modern Object, Saint Valentine, Plants, Light and Space Studio, Lucy Gemma Design, Penelope Boyd Studio, Luxe and Beau and more. Seriously I love supporting local businesses, why shop at major stores when there’s so much more made with love and care right here! Congratulations ladies, we’re so happy for you!



Okay, that’s it from me for now! I’m going to go have a glass of wine with my bestie instead of exercise.

Stay warm, stay happy.

Until next time!

Acacia x 



My Gorgeous Niece 🌸😍🌸😍🌹xx

Jul 10, 2018

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