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Must Have Fashion Items For Spring

So even though we may have all witnessed autumn/spring fashion on the runways there’s no need to fear because spring is actually here and we do need to get dressed for it – despite fashion confusing us with how far ahead they are in their runway looks.

And even though the weather is also confusing us with rain, cold and a very awkward start to the warmer months ahead we know that those longer days and balmy nights are-a comin’. Which means we need some fun farshion threads to frolick around in.

Although with so much beautiful stock coming in and knowing how confusing new season shopping (when the weather isn’t quite there yet) can be, we’ve rounded up our must have fashion items for spring. 

(Like if the weather never makes it and we’re left sipping our mojitos in the items below we won’t care as much.)

Slip Dress
Are we back in the 90’s? Maybe. But in a less grunge-y much more polished type of way. A slip dress is a must buy this season. They’ll be easy for layering if you’re worried about the sexy factor being too high, although buying a size up would also make it less boudoir as well. It is this season’s must have style and will be super easy to wear alone as the weather warms up. 

Try: Step Aside Cami Dress, Third Form - $249.00


We’re obsessed with the fact that mules are back. OBSESSED. Not only are they ridiculously comfy but they’re kinda good all year round. (Ok, ok well maybe not in the depths of winter gaaah…but for 80% of the year they’re a yaaaaas!) Anyway, in case you have never heard of a mule before they’re kind of like a cross between a wedge, ankle booties and clogs. A little weird, a little 70’s but they definitely have a little Parisian chic vibe thing going on. And even though they can be a little intimidating to some, they do come in all sorts of styles including open toed, sling back, backless etc… and their heels come in every size/shape too. Trust us, you will be able to find the perfect mule for you. Ps. Our new shoe store Peachy Keen is opening in October – so we're here for you ladies! Watch this space. 

Denim skirt
And just when you thought things in spring couldn’t get any better the denim skirt makes a comeback (and everything once again, feels right in the world!) A good denim skirt (or mini if you dare) will not only up your spring wardrobe this season, but you can lock it away in your cupboard and bring it back when it makes a comeback in five years’ time. Timeless, classic, wear it with everything. SOLD!

Cotton or linen shirts
When the weather is haaawt. It pays to stick to fabrics that won’t make you sweat/still smell appealing no matter what you’re doing and a classic cotton/linen shirt will help you do just that. Plus, they’ll never go out of style and are the perfect addition to any spring/summer wardrobe. Wear them with denim, to work and everywhere else in between…except you probably shouldn't wear them to bed. Linen shirts prob. won't be that comfy while you sleep.  

Linen wrap dresses
Speaking of linen…to conclude this super important post we will leave you with a linen wrap dress. This is a style that screams effortless chic and #ijustwokeuplikethis and all you have to do is throw one on. Not only does it work well during the day as a casual number with flats, sneakers or even open toed sandals but you can pair it back with a killer pair of heels for evening and voila! You can make it work for a dinner date too. Ps. it’ll be super comfy and you'll be able to eat a lot when you wear it. A winning style!

Try: Farra Wrap Dress by Steele Label - $199.00

Images: Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, what will you be buying this spring?

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