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My Five Minute Daily Face Routine And The Products I Swear By

I frequently have people asking me about what I use on my skin, what my 'secret' to looking so young is. I’m a couple months off my 29th Birthday, and when I meet people for the first time, they often assume I am somewhere between 20-22 years old. So much so that I actually came home from a dinner event the other night feeling a little deflated and exhausted from having to defend myself. People were talking to me in a patronising manner and making remarks assuming I didn't have valuable input for a conversation because I was too young to have had the experiences they've had… Don’t worry though, they quickly shut up once I told them I was nearly 29, lived in England for three years, Sydney for three years, had travelled a lot and now own two businesses.

However, the honest truth behind my 'baby face' is probably the fact that I’m half Filipino and I’m just lucky enough to have those anti-ageing genes. Also, to be fair to the people who put me down at dinner the other night, I wasn’t wearing any makeup. Which tends to contribute to my looking pre-pubescent.

But the thing is, I haven’t always had skin that I have felt confident enough to go out in public sans make up with. From my precious teen years, right up to my mid 20’s, I battled with terrible acne. I would get huge, red, sore, clusters of pimples on my face that would leave scars. I was also born with a bright strawberry red birthmark on my right cheek that went from the top corner between my eye and nose all the way down to my cheek bones. The birthmark faded over time as I got older, and once I turned 14 I also had some laser treatment done to get rid of the redness, but that still left scarring on my face. I was extremely self-conscious about my skin.  Plus I did always look at least five years younger than I was, which I hated, because I always felt as though I had to prove myself so I wouldn’t be spoken to like I child.

To cover up the acne and the scarring and make me look my actual age, I would pack on the foundation and makeup every single day. Of course, all of that makeup just clogs and congests your pores and isn’t good for your skin. I also would spend so much money on cleansers, toners, masks, moisturisers, spot creams, doctors’ appointments and even medications to combat my problem skin! It was such a vicious cycle!  I even remember at 25 thinking to myself, How am I still getting acne!! HOW!?? I’m freaking 25! I’m not a teenager!  Every time I would try new face products, I would just ask for something stronger and harsher. I would get the harsh chemicals, the acids etc... in the hope that they would just strip everything off my face and dry out all the pimples.

Then one doctor I went to see put me on an antibiotic for my skin and said that 'when he puts patients on this antibiotic, they needed to use a really soft and gentle face cream that wouldn't dry out their skin, as the tablets would do this themselves'. When he did this, the product he suggested to me was Cetaphil… Cetaphil, the $13.99 face wash you can buy from the chemist. He then told me to try this short course of antibiotics and skincare combination for a couple weeks and come back later to see if another course was needed. 

And to be honest, I actually never saw the doctor again after that. I finished the antibiotics, my skin cleared up and the Cetaphil stuff I bought was a $13.99 miracle! Never had I ever used anything so soft on my skin and I couldn’t believe the result I had. And now all I really use is a $13.99 cleanser from the chemist and a bit of rosehip oil at night and that’s it!

Cetaphil was like a light bulb moment to me, and I thought, well, maybe instead of constantly getting more and more complicated with my skin, why not strip it back and just simplify. Like duh.

Anyway, I am one of those weird all natural, organic, 'my body is a temple type'. I am really fussy about what I put into my body and on my skin. But don’t worry, I’m not full mungbean… in fact, on a scale of one to Mungbean, I probably sit at around a six or seven. Dry shampoo is magic and ice cream makes everything better. But this is a more natural and organic approach to my health is something fairly new to my lifestyle and a change that has only happened over the last couple years. Which is how I have now made a switch from my trusty Cetaphil to find a more natural and organic solution.

Today, I am loving the Kora Organic products by Miranda Kerr. The whole range is Certified Organic, Australian made and animal friendly. It's soft on my skin but still cleans and nourishes it well. From the range I use the cleanser, moisturiser, tinted moisturiser and the eye cream (when I can be bothered).

Kora Cream Cleanser

I don’t have much time to faffe around with lengthy and complicated skin routines and lots of makeup. Plus I no longer feel the need to wear much makeup anymore as I am so happy with the skin I now have!  In the mornings I either get to the gym by 6.45am and then I’m at work by 8am, or if I skip the gym I will be at work by 7.30am

In the mornings I cleanse my face once and pop on the soothing day and night cream.  For makeup I use the Kora tinted moisturiser. I give my eyebrows a brush, fill them in and rub Becca Beach tint on my cheeks and lips then I’m good to go! Some days I will also throw on a slick of mascara.


In the evenings I cleanse my face twice in the shower.  I don’t remove my makeup before cleansings, so the first cleanse removes makeup and the second is to clean my face.  Then I just use the soothing day and night cream and I’m done.

Sometimes I do still get the odd small break out here and there, or if my skin is feeling dry (which can happen in the dry Canberra Winter) and I feel the need to give my skin little bit of extra TLC,  then rose hip oil, or the Mum’s Tum Serum by Therese Kerr are my go to products.


I also have a diet that is high in leafy greens, fruit and good fats and usually (try to) consume over a litre of water per day.  Which are all major contributing factors to the well being of your skin, which you can read more about in our blog post about anti-ageing beauty products.

And also, sometimes I do still complain about how at 29, I still feel as though I need to prove my age for people to take me seriously and not talk down to me. But hey, if I’m going to look 30 when I’m 40, that’s ok with me too. Haha!

Ps. Let me know about your skin care routine and what products you love to help you feel proud and comfortable in your skin!

Images: Gritty Pretty; Words: Alicia Xyrakis, Yadira Galarza Cauchi

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