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Our April Edit - Everything We're Obsessed With This Month

Hi Muses, it’s Easter! Well, almost. The break is nigh and so is our second birthday and a well-deserved long weekend break. Plus we have so much new winter stock dropping (and already in store) you’ll have to pop in and check it out. 

Anyway, below are a bunch of things the RM team have been loving lately. Let us know what you’ve been loving too in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you! 


Ida Faux Fur Fabrications is a Canberra based label by designer India Rose. You'll probably recognise it from the scarves we've stocked since we pretty much opened (that always sell out!) However, this winter the luxe faux furs have transitioned over into the jacket department, which is amazing as the weather starts to cool down! To create each of her limited edition items India meticulously sources only the highest quality soft/high shine acrylic fur in Australia and living in Canberra (and it's icy cold) we can't get enough. The perfect items of clothing for the cooler weather!


Cat’s shop pick for this month is the Ida Faux Fur Jacket – Ivy in Black - $640.00. “It’s literally the only thing I’m getting excited about this winter. (And I don’t get excited about winter easily.)”


Alicia's pick this month are Peachy Keen's Department of Finery Sneakers - $219.95. "Dept of Finery have now moved all their production to Italy! The new season Dixie Premium and Stella that have just come into store are the first lot to come from Italy. The quality, shape and construction is amazing! You can tell the difference in quality from the ones made in Italy to the ones made in China. And the best part is that prices only went up $20." Alicia says.


We're not going to lie, but we're all currently obsessed with the new Lazy Su restaurant on Lonsdale street. The food is delicious and the fit out is funky, edgy, and quirky Asian. If you're planning on heading along with two people, try to grab a seat at the big front window for some excellent people watching, or a booth for a group. Oh and the music ranges from 80’s power ballads to old school RnB! It's the best. 

And in the newest Merivale additions in Sydney, Alicia is loving Fred's! "Downstairs is a speakeasy style cocktail bar and upstairs looks like a big American country kitchen with chefs working on open island bench tops. The focus is on local and seasonal produce, so good!" 


The little coffee shop of Kabul. Have you guys read this book? It is so freakin' good. Like my brain devoured eight chapters in one sitting good. It’s basically a story about a coffee shop located in the heart of Afghanistan and the men and women who meet there. It’s set against the backdrop of the ongoing war and delves deep into the irregularities that exist between the sexes in a part of the world that is pretty hard to explore. It’ll touch your soul. Plus it’s oh so smart and thought provoking you won’t be able to put it down.

Floating meditation, ok so this is a bit random but totally on trend. Floating – in a giant tub of magnesium. Designed to help reduce stress, anxiety, ease pain and essentially give you an hour of chill. I tried it a week ago and even though I am a little 50/50 about it I’d thought I’d include it. Firstly though, you get your hair wet (which they don’t mention, but totally should, I thought they’d have some sort of ‘save my hair’ type of cap for sure) and secondly, an hour is a pretty long time. If you’re interested in winding down, it is a fun thing to try (everyone will experience this differently). However, I found it a little boring… and hot. You basically lie in a tube of the magnesium in the dark, close your eyes and relax/meditate. Initially floating feels weird, you get water in your ears and have to figure out how the hell to do it. But then, it’s actually pretty chill. However, I'd totally be down for a half hr float. An hour feels like way too long. Anyway, if you're interested in checking it out I went to Astral Float, in Bruce. 

In the spirit of relaxing, Alicia's also started getting back into acupuncture for a few neck issues she's been having. "I've started going to Live Well Naturally in Manuka and have been really happy with them. I find it so relaxing and I have the best naps ever when during acupuncture. It's like every bit of stress or tension just melts away!"

Totally have to agree...acupuncture is the best!

In the TV department this month Cat is watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. Which basically follows teenager Clay Jensen, in his quest to uncover the story behind his classmate and his crush, Hannah, and her decision to end her life. “Thank God I’m on Uni free week, the suspense is killing me!” Cat says.  

Ooooh and Alicia is loving her new Becca Beach Tint - $45.00 and has been using it every on her lips and cheeks. So multipurpose! You can grab it from The Lab on Lonsdale street. 

Images: Pinterest, Astral Float, @AliciaXyrakis via Instagram; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, what have you been loving lately? 



Recommend ‘Little Coffee Shop of Kabul’ enjoyed reading it so much.

Apr 28, 2017

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