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Our Fave Brunch Spots

Whether you’re in Canberra, Sydney or Melbourne Australia does good brunch and since we love brunch, can live off brunch and on occasions have even waited up to an hour for brunch, we thought we’d share our fave. foodie places that you guessed it – do good brunch. 

Because isn’t it fab being able to order off a brunch/breakfast menu all day long too?! It just makes weekend life. Especially if we sleep in or have been out the night before and are really struggling to move. 

So if you’re pondering whether it’s worth getting changed out of your pyjamas for delish food, ponder no more! Because the café’s below have been tried and tested by our taste buds and you should wander on in and let your tastebudtaste them too.


The Cupping Room
One of our fave. fail safe brunch spots in Canberra every time. Every weekend there's a line for a reason so when you're stuck for a place to go and you really don't want the food to suck, then this is it. Designed by the team from Ona Coffee it's all about the coffee too. You don't mess with their beans. So if you're into your coffee (and really, who isn't these days?) then you need to visit, even if just for that. Food wise we recommend the 'hot cakes' (sweet heaven, your taste buds will swoon), 'avo and his mates' (his mates = sourdough, poached eggs, whipped goats curd... actually this is ultimate breakfast to add even more mates to, like bacon, mushrooms etc…) and their burgers, which as any really good brunch spot does, can be ordered all day long. Yes even if you get there at 830am.

Double Shot Deakin
Located at the heart of the Deakin shops this cafe is both a winner for the healthies and the foodies – the healthies are obvs. the peeps that are as much focused on the nutrition value of their eats as the taste. Anyway whether you're paleo, vegan, pegan (paleo/vegan combined, this is a thing LOL) then you can eat here. Acai bowls are on the menu, right alongside apple crumble french toast and if your more of a savoury person than sweet, we recommend the 'shakshuka baked eggs' or an item called 'the healthy 
start' which is basically king salmon, avo, herbed ricotta drizzled with olive oil and served on soy/linseed toast. It will leave you feeling smug all day. PS. Their raw vegan treats are to die!


Bread & Circus
This whole foods cafe is Insty famous and naturally, we gravitate towards Insty famous cafes because if people post and share their love continuously it has to be good right? This is also somewhere we've waited up to an hour to be seated – dedication. Located in Alexandria (where so many of Sydney's best foodie places live) their menu is filled with nothing but whole delish foods that taste good and aren't wanky. Here you'll find winter porridges that are good for you (but actually taste good too!), served alongside savoury options with fun names like 'breakfast with Gwyneth' (Quinoa, kale, mixed greens bio-dynamic eggs YES) anyone? It's super popular though, so if you can't get in on the weekend we recommend booking yourself a morning brunch meeting date during the week.

Harry's in Bondi
If good simple food is what you're after then you need to take your tastebuds to Harry's – stat. Plus, doesn't it ring true that when you see the locals eat somewhere themselves then you know it'll be fab? There might sometimes be a wait, although it shouldn't be hours and hours, more like twenty minutes which you should be able to totally do (unless you're hangry then we feel you!) Anyway, good coffee too with a heap of fun things on the menu like 'coconut chia pudding', 'crispy rolled egg black beans with chorizo and lime' or even 'quinoa and fetta fritters'. Simple, delicious, doooo it.


The Kettle Black
HAHAHA If you rock up and expect to get into this cafe straight away gosh you're going to be in for a treat/hour long wait. (Unless you are the Queen! Or similar.) BUT it's oh' so worth it. Anyway, you need to visit this holy foodie landmark next time you're in Melbourne if only for the 'hot cake with ricotta, blueberries, maple, double cream, seeds and nuts,' it's basically like eating cake for breakfast. (If you finish it you are a demon at brunch and deserve massive kudos!) The hot cake is Insty famous too – you should stalk it. Everything else on their menu is also killer, try the 'avo on toast with kelp salt', 'mushrooms on toast with fresh goat curd and mushroom powder,' actually anything on toast rules the universe doesn't it? Just eat here. It's delish.

Manchester Press
So this foodie place does have breakfast items on the menu like toast, shakshuka, muesli etc.. although it's a little more about the bagels. It's also totally Melbourne, doesn't have a website is hidden away in a lane way and used to be an art gallery which only adds to its allure. (PS. You have to knock three times and repeat the password 'Pokemon GO' to get in...LOLz. We're joking. But please go ahead and try if you want. You might actually find some Pokemon in there too? Who knows). Anyway if you don't find Pokemon we promise you will find delicious bagels and coffee worth your soul. Trust us these bagels are everything! (8 Rankins Lane in the city – there are no signs but you will most likely see people waiting outside – or Pokemon.)

Images: Instagram; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us where are your fave. foodie haunts for brunch? 

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