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Our Fave. Insta Accounts: August 16

Goodbye winter! Well…almost. Can anybody tell we’re excited? Actually, we just want to stop wearing jumpers/hoodies/a million layers etc… It’s been too long. We want to show off our shoulders already!

Anyway, we’re almost there Muses. Almost. Soooo while we wait, do you guys want to stalk a bunch of Insta accounts we’ve been loving this month?


Also; how do you all feel about the Insta stories thing happening in social media land? Love it? Hate it? Wasted half your day on it? Tell us!

This is a new label we have landing in store that we know you will love. It's like minimalistic chic with a fun twist and you will be able to wear their pieces with a whole heap of stuff you already own in your wardrobe! Which is the basis for shopping kudos in our books. Follow their Insta for a hit of fashion inspo to start you on your way to shopping for spring. 

@We Wore What
This is a fashion/lifestyle account created by a gal in NYC called Danielle Bernstein. She has epic style and her outfits are totally achievable to take inspiration from for your every day (minimal style - but she wears colour!) Although she started off covering only fashion, follow this Insta and today you’ll gain a lot of travel and lifestyle inspo to boot. She’s getting into the whole Insta stories thing too so you could even vicariously travel through that.


Once upon a time Eva Chen was the Editor of US based magazine Glamour and if you’ve been following her for a while her ‘in cab shoe selfies’ were a red hot thing. Anyway, even though she’s no longer the Editor of that mag she works a whole array of media gigs on the side and still loves to share everything and anything via her social media account. Beauty and food are big ones as well as at one stage she was a Beauty Editor. Her Insta stories are too long though. Way too long. Watch if you want to waste half a day. 

So we’re not vegan or plant based but this account is to die. It’s also run by a Canberra lifestyle coach, continuously studying Nutritional Science lady called Sabrina. She creates simple, easy plant based meals, smoothies and raw desserts that are super easy to copy at home. Some of the recipes might even convert your other half. Maybe. 



Images: via Instagram; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us what do you think of the new Instagram stories?

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