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Our Fave. Insta Accounts: September 16

Can you believe it's September already. We're pretty sure that means there aren't that many sleeps left until Christmas right? HA. Anyway, what accounts we're you loving on Instagram this month? Have you been loving Snapchat too? We'd love to know what you prefer.

Below are some of our favourite accounts we've been stalking over the last month. Stalk them too!

We’ve got something brewing for you all and it has a little to do with what goes on your feet. Shoes. Naturally we own too many although it never hurts to keep adding to the collection. You see the thing with buying shoes is that they’ll always fit – so watch this space...we mean follow this account! 


This model of the moment’s Insta has been hot action these past few weeks thanks to New York Fashion Week and now with Milan Fashion week on the horizon it’s definitely one you’ll want to keep stalking. Editorials, pics of her beau, runway shows is this even real life? 

Cameron Diaz released ‘The Body Book’ recently and it is everything your ageing skin needs and more. Health, fitness and fun all penned by the beautiful Ms Diaz herself. The book is about owning your beauty, no matter your age and focusing on your health instead...and the Insta account is pretty much the same thing. Filled with foodie tips, healthy recipes, a whole bunch of wellness tips and more. It’ll help keep your wellness/healthy goals on track. Plus, if Cameron Diaz says it's good for us, we believe it.

This account is run by photographer/artist Charli Burrows and is on another level of blogging whimsical/beautiful that only a few can achieve. From styling up chokers, to stalking perfect flatlays if you are a blogger this is an account worth following for a whole bunch of mojo – if anything, you might be inspired to up your game. 

In the spirit of London Fashion Week, we should all be following some European Fashion bloggers right? And Caroline Daur is your girl. Originally from Berlin and currently in London (although she's always moving, so who knows where she’ll be next week) her style is fun with just the right amount of quirk; and her Insta is a mixture of her travels, beauty and heck of a lot of street style. Actually her outfits might even help you dress for the weather right now.


Images: Instagram; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, who are you loving on Insta right now? 

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