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Our February Edit

OMG you guys. It is seriously haaawt. Like 40 degree hot. This weather lately has been on fuego and sans beach I’m kind of wishing it wold stop. I used to love summer, the sun, the heat, the ice-cream I wanted it all. However, now that I’m a mum and live with a baby who likes to be held all day long summer can go now. K. Thanks bai. Plus, winter clothes are my favourite anyway. They're more expensive, yes. But my heart beats for them more. 

Anyway, Muses that is my wish for today. Less heat, more clothes! 

HA. Anyway, let’s chat about the stuff we’ve loved and bought lately. We introduced you guys to this new post last month and it’s totally here to stay. Plus, isn’t it fun to sticky beak into what other people are loving? We’re not sure about you guys, but we love to do it. Anyhoo, without further ado let’s chat about some stuff we’ve been loving below!


OK ladies, let's talk shoes. Because right now, Senso has been coming through with the goods. They're actually quite an old Aussie brand and were established way back in 1980. High quality, yet affordable footwear was the initial premise behind their collections and we totally think they've stood the test of time. Anyway, this month we've been obsessed with their new Velvet Tyra heels - $199.00. They're are such a simple, classic, clean and elegant shape with a little something extra added from deep wine colour and the texture of the velvet fabric. Alicia says "Velvet is going to a huge trend this winter, and so are these deep red tones. I would wear these shoes in so many ways! With the Bessette Jean - $239.00 and a basic top or with a little black dress. So snap them up before they go! 


Ok, so you guys would probably be aware that Aussie brand Camilla and Marc have just landed in store. Well, as soon as I found out I rushed out and bought something quick. I was with my husband though so only bought one thing because I was shopping under his evil glare HOWEVER, I will be back and have my eyes on a few more things I NEED to buy. Ohhh so my first piece was the black on black logo C&M Hat - $79.00 (avail. in store). I bought it for my runs (I know it’s not a running hat, but at least it looks super chic) because I’m scared of the sun making me look wrinkly and old. Alicia is equally obsessed with Camilla and Marc and has bought both the wayside cap - $79.00 (a different black on black logo version) and the Classic Logo Tank - $99.00 and they're also her pick this month.


Matcha Mylkbar in Melbourne. So this is another Instagram foodie haunt I visited recently and it lived up to the hype. Although I’d probably only recommend visiting if you’re a bit of a health food junkie and/or plant based. If you’re heavy into meats then probably not for you. It’s essentially vegan and they have a HUGE range of weird tasting lattes like turmeric, beetroot, reishi – totally good for you, BUT like I mentioned totally weird. However they do sell vegan cronuts and other normal tasty desserts. So if not for the weird lattes (or vegan eggs) then hop along for these. Your tastebuds need. 


Canberra’s very own XO Restaurant is our second foodie place of choice this month. Have you guys been? It is to die! It’s a modern approach to South-East Asian food and we have yet to meet a person that hasn’t liked it there. To date, it’s the Muses' dinner party venue of choice, plus they cater to all fussy eating requirements too. Anyway, we would just love it If you could visit and order the sexy squid if only for the name. Alicia constantly says “I keep getting random cravings for sexy squid!” So we know we’re due back for another foodie visit soon.



Ok, personally I have heaps of ‘random other stuff’ I’ve been loving this month but I’ll keep it short. Firstly I’ve been smashing my way through a book that I have started and stopped reading for a few months. It's called Holy Cow and Indian Journey and it's writtenby Aussie Journalist Sarah Macdonald (she used to be on Triple J I think). Anyway, it’s basically Sarah’s story re. her thoughts on living in India and their way of life since moving to the country because her BF was posted there for work. It’s also a very eye-opening account into the culture clash that exists between the two countries and she delves into the inequality between female and male relationships too, which I find super interesting. Anyway, it's just a super, easy read. Like 3.5 out of 5 type of good.  

Amy Winehouse. Alicia is totally obsessed again. Totally random but she heard one of her songs coming out of a café the other day as she walked passed it and said "it just instantly struck a chord with me. I forgot how talented she was! Her voice, her song writing! I don’t think I fully appreciated her when she was in her prime."

Also; Alterna Haircare have also released an Anti-Humidity Hairspray - $38.50 and it is so perfect for right now. Unfortunately though it probably won’t be landing in Australian Sephora stores until the end of this month, but you can buy it online via their exclusive website Salon Style! It’s a bit pricey compared to other brands but totally worth it to stop the frizz! Lightweight too and actually holds your hair in place. Bonus: paraben, sulfate, phthalates and synthetic colour free. Bravo to this invention!

And if you’ve been looking for a new face oil, Cat has jumped aboard the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil - $154.00 train (soz, it’s a pretty expensive train). However, if you’ve been on the hunt for a fun, new face oil to add to your skincare routine she’s saying this one works! “This oil is definitely earning it’s price. I got the smallest sample from Mecca and a little goes so far! Pop it on every other night to wake up with plump, more “awake” looking skin. The redness on my cheeks has reduced so much I’ve stopped wearing foundation – just BB cream!”  So jump on the sample trail first right! Best idea.

Anyway that's it. What you guys been loving lately?

Images: Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

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