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Our January Edit

Hey Muses it’s Yads. I write the Rebel Muse blog, well, actually I’ve been putting together the blog since it launched but haven’t really introduced myself properly. (Although now I have, so heeeeey!) This year, we’re getting more real. You guys are going to find out a little more about what we love, what makes us tick and how we work. 

The Rebel Muse (and Peachy Keen) community is growing and we can’t thank you enough. For shopping with us, for reading all our stuff and generally just for joining us on this whole fashion business-ey ride. We’re obsessed with it and we don’t’ want to get off. We also love that you guys don’t want to get off either, because we couldn’t do this without you!

Anyway, now it’s 2017. What happened to 2016 huh – we’re confused. It was a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ type of whirlwind. Although we will always remember it as the birth of Peachy Keen. (Don’t worry we were as surprised as you were. Plus, we didn’t look pregnant at all!) However, we’re sure you’ll all agree that Canberra needs these shoes and accessories more than ever.

So back to 2017, because we’re starting off 2017 with a whole self-motivation type of vibe and since Alicia and I love chatting about random things we love every month we’re going to be bringing you an edit of these said random things so you can (try) and love them too.

We also shop a lot, eat out (she does way more than me, because I have a baby) and buy lots of things from Rebel Muse and Peachy Keen too – because we love our product soooo we gotta share our faves.  Anyway, a wrap up of the stuff we’ll be loving this month is below.


Seriously, we have some amazing brands landing in store this year, but we gotta chat about Dylan Kain, which is an accessories brand you can grab at Peachy Keen. It’s all over Insta too in case you haven’t managed to check it out. Their pieces are super casual, like go with everything type of things. Timeless and mostly black (which we love). I’m a sucker for words too and their tag line ‘designed in Paris and inspired by the women of New York’ just gets me. If you’ve ever been to either of those places you’ll feel it. Like Paris is hands down my favourite city on the world. So chic. And New York. So busy. Inspiring and totally filled with ‘I want what she’s having’ feelz. Combine the two and TA DA you’ll have Dylan Kain. Anyway, the pieces below are our faves this month.

 The Cross Tote Light Gold - $560.00

The Birkin Belt Light Gold - $110.00


If you’ve stalked Alicia’s Insta you might’ve noticed something exciting she’s sporting for summer 2017. Longer shorts! Naturally she can wear anything (which is super annoying when you run out to buy something she’s wearing and it doesn’t look anywhere near as good on you as it does on her) but this year she’s switching her shorter denim shorts for longer ones. Ground-breaking stuff. She says “I am currently obsessed with the “Nobody Denim Mondo style - $149.00, which isn’t usually like me. They sit on the hips with a long low rise and longer in the legs. I usually wear all the short shorts and high wasted. But loving these!”

I however, switched to longer shorts in 2016 because I was heavily pregnant. HA actually, I couldn’t even fit into shorts. Anyway, this year I am obsessed with the Boho Nobody Denim shorts Boho style - $149.00. I bought them in black (and they look way better on than in the pic.) You could even go a size up if you want to wear them a little more oversized with a baggy tee. Super comfy. I'm currently living in these. 



So I was in Melbourne over Christmas and finally got to go to a couple of places I stalk on Instagram. SUSHI BURRITOS. You guys, they exist. You can get them at a place called Soul Press in Edithvale which is a little far away (like an hour away, sorry!) from the city but worth the drive. They also have a store in Hampton but that's a little far too. Just drive there. It's so worth it! They do killer acai bowls, smoothies and coffee as well. 


Alicia's foodie haunt of choice this month is Lox Stock and Barrel in Bondi for the vibe, service and food. She says "it's super chilled out during the day for breakfast and lunch, and then it's intimate and candle lit for dinner. The food is amazing! They use fresh local produce and they make their bread and everything in house. We have our standard go to dishes which include kingfish and this Israeli inspired eggplant and haloumi dish. Plus awesome cocktails and wine list!"



There's no denying that ever since Christmas, Alicia's been obsessed with The Beauty Chef Cookbook, plus since she’s a really good cook all the recipes in it are probably super easy for her. She says "I love how beautiful the book is for a coffee table book. I also try to cut refined sugar and processed foods out of my diet as much as possible. I like the creativity and variety of her dishes too. Def. worth a peep if you haven't checked it out yet!"

Over the holidays I started reading ‘The Husband’s Secret’ by Liane Moriarity which sounds really lame but she is a kick a$$ writer. The premise behind it is that the husband has a secret (surprise HA) and all these people are intertwined in the story somehow. I already know the secret but I won't tell you. Anyway, if you want a book that is fake life and won’t want to put down (which is why I wanted to read this, also some peeps on a podcast recommended it) you could try it. Apparently her other stuff is also really good but I seriously don’t have time. It’s a NYTimes best seller.  

I'm also loving a new FREE health and wellness magazine by Brooke Meredith, a health/wellness blogger @aconsciouscollection. I grabbed a copy when I was in Melb, but I'm obsessed with her Insta. The mag is a super fun and healthy read - if you can get your hands on a copy? 

Oooh and I am also obsessed with NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams – pop into Priceline and buy one! Seriously they’re like $13. SO GOOD and super hydrating. Haven’t found cheapo lip colours like these in ages.


Anyway, tell us if there's anything you've been loving and want to share! We'd love to know!

Images: InstagramPinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi, Alicia Xyraxis. 

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