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Our March Edit - Everything We're Obsessed With This Month

It’s March. Nobody panic, but what the hell is happening to this year. HA. Anyway, it's time to start layering clothes, lighting candles and sadly waving goodbye to all our mangoes (tear*). 

However, there's nothing wrong with autumn. In fact, this is a pretty kicka$$ time of the year. Plus, with winter on the horizon we better enjoy it. LOL. Anyway, what have you guys been loving lately? Below we've rounded up a few things to get excited about this month. Enjoy XO


So we were pretty excited to announce Dion Lee as the most amazing addition to our store recently. Which is why this month, we thought we'd shine a spotlight on them again. A creative designer brand originally from Sydney their pieces are so chic and timeless that just one item of theirs will last you years to come. Think experimental construction, combined with traditional tailoring and fused with a modern vibe so cool it hurts. Australia is home to six flagship stores and we’re so proud to have jumped on board as an exclusive retailer too. Our picks from the range are below.

Try: Linear Crepe Pleat Mini Dress, Ivory - $890.00 

Try: Satin Fine Line Cami Dress, Cherry - $590.00



Ok, so we wrote you guys a trend piece on bombers and why they’re a need this season etc… which is why naturally it is my must buy for autumn. We’re currently stocking two colours by Third Form and I bought the black one (surprise, surprise) however the khaki is equally as fun.

Try: Under Cover Bomber Black - $299.00

This month Alicia is loving the Bessette Jean by Nobody Denim - $239.00. "They are the 'mum' style jean that’s oh so on trend at the moment.  Rigid denim, high waist, straight leg with a split hem and my must have this month." Alicia says. 


Ok, you guys I’m going to shine a spotlight on Byron Bay for a second, because I’m heading there this weekend – basically to eat so am going to include two foodie places you NEED (like not joking NEED) to visit next time you happen to be there:

Roadhouse Byron Bay

Literally my favourite place to eat in Byron Bay and I’ve only eaten there twice. Both times were ridiculously OTT yum and our experience was pretty much the reason my fam and a couple of our BFFs booked our trip to Byron again – true story. So it’s kind of healthy-ish but not tasteless healthy. Just really good food, generous sizes and pretty much 100 on everything. For super healthies think kombucha, vegan options, turmeric lattes and every other hipster thing you can think of. While for people who are a little more relaxed roasts, muffins and cakes du jour rotate quite frequently as well. And if that wasn’t enough, at night this place turns into a bar. Just look at the food!

Naked Treaties

Remember that chick Gemma from a Big Brother season aggeeees ago? Anyway she owns this store. It is vegan and the place to go for smoothie and vegan treats galore. It’s next level and worth a try. My husband went with me one time and he didn’t complain at all. I’m pretty excited to go again. Cake for breakfast!



The Little Book of Skincare written by Charlotte Cho, founder of website Soko Glam is a super easy fun read. Will take you like three days if you really put in the effort. Plus you’ll pick up a bunch of super easy tips and tricks from the Korean beauty world – and you know those women (and men!) know their stuff. Charlotte, originally from Korea is behind one of the most trusted beauty and lifestyle shops in the US that curates only the best selection of Korean beauty products – and on top of that she’s an aesthetician too. If learning about skincare is your jam, then get your paws on this.

This month Cat is obsessed with the Mind Body App, and says “I know, I’m late to the party!’ ....(buuuut I’d never heard of it so I guess I’m late to the party too. HA) Anyway, essentially it is an online booking tool for your gym or workout place. It helps you book into classes and will remind you to use up your passes!

“My gym, yoga studio and Pilates studio are all on it so I just popped my email in and it already had all my details! Really good for planning out your week as you can synch with iCal/calendar (also, forces you to go as you’ve already ‘booked it’) especially if you pay per class or per term!” Cat says.

Images: Book Depository, ITunes, @roadhousebyronbay, @nakedtreaties via Instagram; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

 Tell us, what fun things have you been loving lately? Share with us below!

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