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Outfit Ideas For The Party Season Ahead

We feel that around this time of year, one of the hardest things to accomplish on our to do lists is - shopping. Which is kind of weird considering that there seems to be a lot of shopping we need to do around this time of year?  It's a Catch-22. And yes, even though we know this season isn't just about shopping, we need to get it done. 

So Christmas - we're totally going to be prepared this year! (Plus, we got you boos! So many fun things avail. at RM and PK to help).

However, even though we are planning to be prepared to gift our loved ones with all of the special things, we are totally of the mantra that it 'tis' the season to buy some stuff for us' as well. (Remember, we have been good all year!) Also; there a shizload of parties, events, dranks and get togethers that will most likely require our attendance, which means fun, new outfits are in order - stat. 

SO to get us all into the festive/party season (and let you chill for a bit so you can focus on other important things) we thought we'd round up some of our favourite RM pieces for the party season ahead below. Because sometimes it's just easier to have options popping up at us from all over the interwebs to lessen the hard work - no?

And real shopping is so exhausting. How did we live before online deliveries before?


Let's check out some of the options below xo


The Ray Wrap Dress, Pfeiffer - $289.00

LOVE: this would make a fun Xmas Day dress, or day time Xmas party dress. Prob best for ladies who don't spill too many things though. HA.

The Lucy Pleated Dress, By Johnny - $450.00

LOVE: Evening outings, Xmas dinners, weddings - you will be so classy and chic.

Nara Pant, Interval - $199.00

LOVE: OMG. These pants are everything. For any occasion, plus you'll get post festive season wear out of them. You don't always need to wear a dress!

Your Disco Playsuit, Alice McCall - $390.00
Cayooote. Girly girls rejoice. This playsuit screams summer, cocktails, sangria and Christmas thrown into one. 

Everything Playsuit, Alice McCall - $390.00

LOVE: Playsuits work best on boyish shapes. Remember this post we wrote on dressing for your body shape? This playsuit is top heavy too, which means if you have long legs it is a NEED. 

Fjord Wrap Dress, MLM - $189.00

LOVE: Is the weather for your event going to be hot? Cold? Who knows anymore. This dress will cover all bases. 

Pillar Shoulder Dress, MLM - $179.00

LOVE: perfect for a BBQ, worn with flats BUT could also work for an evening soiree accessorised with heels. And if you're pregnant? It'll be a dream come true!

Images: Rebel Muse, Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, have you got your Christmas Day outfit sorted? 

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