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September Edit: Everything We're Obsessed With This Month

Muses! It’s finally spring, and hasn’t everybody been counting down to this incredible date since the depths of winter started? Well, we have. It’s been a long and hard slog to the finish. Anyhoo, things are about to get bright and bubbly for a multitude of reasons. Mainly all the new clothes – but sangria, brighter days and dedicated beach time. It’s all a’comin!

I have to mention though, that this will also be my last month writing and chatting on the RM blog for a few months. I’m currently pregnant with a tiny lady due mid Nov and since my energy levels resemble that of an 80 year old geriatric I’m going to go lay on the couch during October and chill (LOL I have toddler, there’ll be no chllin’) until the second addition to my family arrives. 

So spring also seems to be the season to give birth? HA. But seriously, this baby needs to get out soon because I can’t breathe. Apart from that it’s just Alicia and I chatting about our obsessions this month, so we hope you enjoy!

Ps. We’d love if you could let us know what you’re loving at the moment too XO 


Ok, we need to chat about the newest addition to the RM family, Sir The Label. You may have seen their simple and easy to wear shapes floating around Insty. All made of natural, luxe fibres such as linen, silk and cotton they are perfect for the warm months ahead. Also worn by so many ‘It girls’ it’s easy to see why they always sell out.

Try: Mila Long Sleeve Dress, Arrowprint - $320.00

Try: Mila Split Leg Culotte, Arrowprint - $280.00

And we gotta talk shoes. We have the new Department of Finery collection in store at the moment and it is full of the ultimate swoonage in the form of comfort. Alicia’s just bought the Willow Sneakers - $279.95 and says “I love that they’re an easy slip on but also have a bit of height with the flatform (which I always need). They’re super comfy to run around in all day but still a little dressier and edgier than a regular sneaker.”

We’re also loving the Empire in stone - $279.95 for a cool high top option.


And the Dixie White - $219.95 and Dixie white leopard - $229.95...your luxe white sneaker to wear with absolutely everything!



Canberra has got it goin’ on lately hasn’t it! Meaning we think that we’re catching up to so many teeny hipster trends quicker than initially thought. (Which is the best really, considering we are lovers of trends.) Anyway,  one of the newest cafes to Lonsdale Street, Kith & Nosh, are now serving up pretty pastel latte’s packed with a bunch of health benefits and you have to try! Beetroot, turmeric, matcha, chai and charcoal are all on their new latte menu. Alicia’s fave is the pink beetroot latte, followed by the turmeric. “Both perfect when you need a little pick me up on these cooler days, without having to go for another coffee.” 

Also Toasted in Braddon too. I am a HUGE lover of toast. I’ll toast anywhere, anytime. So the fact that a new café has opened up dedicated to sh!t to eat on toast excites my soul more than anything. They do Acai bowls, cookies, brownies and other small fun things like that too, however if you are a fan of toast I would go for the toast – go figure HA. I did however, find the serving sizes a little small for like the $10 you’re realistically spending for a couple of slices of bread…(I am pregnant and eating for two though soooo maybe I was just super hungry when I went.) Anyway, YAY toast. I'll totally pay more than I need to for an avo slice. 


R + Co Hair – ok, I am obsessed with this hair brand. You may have seen them floating around Insty but I have been playing with a bunch of products from the range and they’re so good! Also, the packaging is pretty fun which = a SOLD from me. You know how packaging can do that? Anyway what sets them apart is that all of the products are treatment orientated so the health of the hair and scalp are always the main focal point of each product. But even better, they’re kind of a greenie brand too and all formulated without parabens, sulfates (SLS or SLES), mineral oil and petroleum! Also all vegetarian, cruelty free, colour safe and the packaging can be recycled. Tick, tick, tick! My favourite product from the range right now has to be the High Dive Moisture and Shine Cream - $27.00. Seriously the best for taming frizzy, wild hair before a blow dry. Plus a little goes a long way! 

Ok, I wasn't going to go there, but baby tutus! (Soooo I'm in nesting mode, shoot me). Seriously though, I can't get enough. Girls baby clothes are next level cute and I keep (accidentally) stumbling on more and more and more! Anyway, this brand, Rock your Baby I found on Instagram is super cute for mamas of little ladies. Give me all the baby tutus!! (Soz, i'm out of control.) Also, pic by Not So Mumsy which is my fave. mama style blog. 

And since I'm currently in my third trimester and haven't been sleeping I have been really into masks that make me look un-wrinkly and not dying. Sleep deprivation is the worst, but I'm finding that If I pop on a little hydration in the morning I can fake being and looking awake until around midday or so. For this reason I have been obsessed with the L'Unico Laboratory Intensive Hydrating Mask - $150.00. It's a hydrating clay but super gentle and all you have to do is apply it on your face, then when it dries, wash it off. It takes around ten minutes or so which is relatively quick. Plus, totally worth the effort to not look all wrinkly and old. So damn moisturising too, your makeup will look on fuego!

Ps. Growing babies you guys! Lemme tell you now, It'll take it out of you.

Images: R + Co, Rebel Muse, Toasted, Not So Mumsy, Out In Canberra, L'Unico Laboratory; Words; Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, what have you been loving lately?

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