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SHOP: Derby Day and Race Rules You Need To Know

Spring racing season has begun which means it’s time to embrace everything that is fun, floral and bright. Over the next month we’ll be bringing you our favourite outfit options, new dress designs that we’re obsessed with and we’ll be chatting race day etiquette and fashion rules for some of our favourite race days too. 

You see, every day of the spring racing season seems to come with their own set of fashion standards, expectations and if you’re stuck on what to wear sometimes it pays to get a little helping hand.

So let’s start with Derby Day (29 October 2016), the classic fashionista’s race day dream come true.

The Rules

The fashion:
For Derby Day the fashion rules are simple; black and white outfits are the only options and luckily, both these colours should play a big role in most people’s wardrobes. If you’re stuck, a head-to toe black OR white outfit, could be your reliable/safe go-to and super easy to style. However if you want to stand out, or for your outfit to make a lasting impression, then black and white is also a theme that is fun to play with and one for you to work with in a clever way using your shoes, patterns or even your headpiece. 

Ps. Avoid dresses that are too tight or revealing. Jumpsuits and pant suits will definitely work although the same rules apply. Don't forget the races are a daytime event.

The headpiece:
A headpiece is always required. It’s the races, although opt for a style or fascinator that suits your outfit. There’s no need to go overboard for Derby Day. We recommend sticking with the simple/classic theme. You should also think about how your hair will work with your headpiece, or hat on the day as well. How will your hair be pinned? Will you need to pull it back? It’ll be super annoying if your headpiece constantly falls off throughout the day so play with a few hair styles before the day to find something that will actually work.    

The shoes:
Have fun with your shoes! We’d love to say wear something comfortable blah, blah, etc… although we love our heels, they’re not always that comfortable - but we’re ok with that! If you do however, think that you will be walking long distances throughout the day, or searching for cabs pre and post the event then perhaps a thicker heel might be the more practical option (it’ll also help stop you getting stuck in the grass) – but each to their own!

Anyway, the rules are pretty simple, but now for the best part - it's time to shop our favourite styles below!


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Images: Rebel Muse; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us will you be heading to any spring races this year? If so, which ones?

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