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Six Investments To Make In Yourself Before The year Ends

You know the feeling at the beginning of the new year, when we’re all bright eyed and bushy tailed and the world is at our feet? Yeah. That feeling. Fast forward six months later and how are we all feeling now?

It’s not the same feeling right? Maybe stuff has gone to plan, maybe some stuff hasn’t. Although one thing that we do know is that mid-year is the perfect time to reflect, re-assess and squeeze some much needed time back in for ourselves.

Not only will doing this help us check-in to our mid-year selves, our goals and how far we’ve come, but it will also help guide how we keep going with the rest of the year. On that note then, let’s chat about a few investments we can make in ourselves to keep our mojo going for the next six months.

Plan, plan, plan

Planning is crucial when it comes to any goals or aspirations and now may be the best time to re-assess the path you’re going down. Plus, the best thing about planning is that you can do it whenever, wherever and for as long as you like. Even for just a few weeks or even months. Be critical though, where do you want to be? Plus, there’s no better time to answer this than the present.

Health is wealth

Put down that strawberry cupcake! (Ok, you can pick it back up and nibble on it, we’re joking…) It’s so easy to start the year off looking after ourselves, working out etc… but when it comes to winter (and hibernation mode kicks in) it kind of gets tough right? But don’t be so hard on yourself! Falling off the health bandwagon is ok, as long as you can get back on it for most of the time. The 80/20 rule works wonders. Also; cupcakes will always make a crappy day feel better.

Treat yourself to a massage!

Why this is such a difficult goal for so many of us to achieve is beyond. Aren’t massages the ultimate luxe pamper time? And don’t they make us feel all glow-y and fresh post having one? So let’s book one in – stat. If anything, you might be able to zone out or catch up on some sleep while you’re there.

Book something to look forward to

Unless you are lucky enough to be frolicking on the other side of the world in Europa, drinking sangria in the sun, right now you’re probably all rugged up in wooly things, drinking hot choccies on the couch. So why not book yourself a fun holiday, or an end of year treat to thank yourself for all your god-damn hard work! Sure, we can all chill and ride the year out as the per the norm. However, having something fun to look forward to will make it all that more fab.

Buy yourself that thing you want

You know that thing you keep looking at and want to buy for yourself? Buy it. Stop feeling guilty about it. Quality over quantity. Plus, if you can't stop thinking about it... ;)

Take a nap

The most simple and effective way to refresh ourselves for the next six months. Fact.

Images: Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, what are your fave ways to treat yourself? 

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