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Small Changes You Can Make To Reduce Your Waste

As humans we tend to consume a lot of stuff. We buy it, forget about it and eventually (if ever) it gets thrown in the trash contributing to the piles of waste that currently exist all over the world. So basically, our consumption is contributing to the trashing of the globe. 

It’s a vicious cycle.

So how can we reduce our waste? Well… it’s simple really: we should consume less.

Now consuming less might seem like a relatively easy thing to do although when we walk into a commercial store and see all the new and shiny things screaming at us to be owned it can be a hard rule to stick to.

SO before we begin maybe we should all start by asking ourselves ‘how much of the stuff we buy, do we actually need?’

You guys know that here at Rebel Muse we’re all about quality over quantity so reducing our waste in the fashion world is part of our ethos and more. However, reducing the impact on our planet, including waste reduction in all areas of our life and improving the carbon footprint is something that we’d like to see improved too. 

And you know what? Without making this sound like a fully green hippie ‘power to the people’ type of post we totally have the power to do it. Plus, some of the biggest changes we can make might actually come from the smallest acts we can incorporate into our every day.

Which is why today we thought we’d share a few small changes that we can all make to reduce our waste.


Say Hell NO to coffee cups and take your own 

Did you know that coffee cups are estimated to be the second-largest contributor to our rubbish waste after plastic bottles? In this ABC article, ‘it is estimated Australians use 1 billion disposable coffee cups each year. Richard Fine, who founded biodegradable coffee cup manufacturer Biopak a decade ago, estimated up to 90 per cent of all disposable cups ended up in landfill, equating to around 60,000 kilograms of plastic waste per annum.’

So if you buy a coffee every day – we say, totally start here!

Buy in bulk

Now sure, you and your partner might feel silly waltzing on down and buying five kilos of potatoes when it’s just the two of you and not a family of six. However, buying in bulk is a great way to reduce packaging waste and save money.

Ask for your bills online

Do you still get sent all your bills via snail mail? Are you too lazy to call your bank and tell them to stop? Well, just make the call. Ensuring you receive all your personal information via email will not only save you a whole heap of time (including time looking for the stuff you lose) but it will also cut down on a heap of unwanted paper and mail waste as well. 

Buy a reusable water bottle

Did you know that us Aussies are one of the biggest spenders in the bottled water market and are estimated to (SHOCK HORROR) spend $385 million each year on bottled water! It’s Ludacris! Having a few reusable water bottles on the go in your handbag, at your desk, in your gym bag etc… will not only save the planet but will save you some moolah too. Most plastic bottles just end up in landfill and are actually one of the biggest contributors to our pollution. So let them go.

Say goodbye to plastic bags - forever

Now the ACT has been way ahead of the game in relation to banning the plastic bag in supermarkets, so we’ve kind of gotten used to it right? Reusable shopping bags are where it’s at. So if you don’t have a few floating around the back of your car, invest in a green hippie canvas tote and feel smug every time you head to the checkout. There really isn’t a need for plastic bags anymore so let's all do this together. It's time say #bai!

Images: Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, what small changes can you make to reduce your waste?  


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