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Summer tanning do's and dont's

It's finally warm enough to let our pins see the sun. Which for many of us will also mean dipping our bod in a little faux glow. Although not every attempt at a faux glow tends to go well. Sometimes, we leave it too late, forget to prep our skin and don't have time to remove those stubborn orange-y stains. 

And that is not how this fake tanning thing is done! 

So to remind us what we should be doing in preparation to fake our glow this summer we sat down with St.Tropez Skin Finishing Expert, Michael Brown to remind us how we can best get that 'i've just been to Hawaii!" look - minus the cost. 


How many days before a big event would you recommend we apply a fake tan? 

Personally, I always say the day before a big event is the best time to get a self or spray tan as this is when the tan is freshest.

However, if you like a dark tan, or you haven’t had a tan before, two days before is a great idea to let it settle into your skin.

How should we prepare our skin for a fake tan? 

The best prep you can have is moisture in your skin. This will create the perfect bond of tan to the skin. I recommend adding moisture to the body in the days leading up to your self tan application then on the day of your application, moisturise (liberally) the dryer areas of the body.

Usually this is where we can get tell-tale signs of tan. Moisturising will create a barrier on the hands, ankles, hands, wrists, knees, elbows, and your tan won’t catch and look darker on these areas where skin is thicker. 

All exfoliation/hair removal should be done the day before your tan as well. This will ensure no extra dryness to your skin occurs. If you prep correctly in the days leading up to your tan application, stored moisture means a greater bond of tan to skin. By keeping up moisture application post tan, you will then have the perfect even fade, and the tan won’t separate.

What shouldn't we do to our skin before we apply a fake tan? 

Try not to have too much sun exposure pre self tan, or over exfoliate your skin… both can make the skin drier and therefore your tan will not bond correctly. You know how makeup needs a smooth, hydrated base to sit naturally? Your tan needs the same thing. 

If we make a mistake how should we fix it? 

By moisturising around the hands and feet as mentioned above pre-tan, this avoids staining in those areas. After application, I wipe the palm of the hands with a wet one, even when wearing a mitt, as excess may build around the wrist. Exfoliation can weaken a tan if there is build up, and anything acidic like lemon juice can too. 

How can we make our faux glow last longer than we'd like? 

Moisturising daily post tan is key to prolong your faux glow, but also, the perfect product to use when your tan is fading or looking flat is the NEW St.Tropez Gradual Tan Tinted! It gives skin an instant moisture boost, with the added benefit of a reflective sheen to pop and highlight the body. Being a gradual tan it gives a daily boost of colour (the more you apply, the deeper the tone of your tan) and with added moisture, it helps renew the bond from tan to skin.

What are your go-to tanning products for an all natural faux glow this summer?

I love the Luxe Oil collection from St Tropez Tan, there is a bronzed body formulation and a light face oil also. These give so much nourishment for the body and are very on trend as we are seeing a decline in the matte tan – which can look very fake if no glow is added to the look. Luxe oil has colour, glow and nourishment all in one, creating the healthiest looking tan – perfect for summer!

Images: Pinterest, St Tropez; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, what products do you use to fake a summer glow? 

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